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In develop countries most of woman choose breast augmentation surgery for enlarge his breast.I think breast augmentation surgery is not a good idea for breast enlargement.
If woman’s follow my natural breast enlargement tips with faith and patience they can increase his breast size by two cups. It will happen naturally and without surgery. So many women are worried about her undeveloped breast. They think that they look ugly and feel guilty about her small breast portion.
 If breast is small then It is natural and not to effect on your child feeding. So here, some of the measures that are being discussed in the point of beauty and sex.
1 - Massage Oil: - take 100 ml olive oil
50 grams of the rind of the pomegranate fruit
20 grams cumin seeds
50 ml of pomegranate juice
rind of the pomegranate fruit and cumin seeds mix with pomegranate juice in olive oil and boil until all the pomegranate juice is burn. Now after cooling store the oil and gently massage it over your breasts in the direction of clockwise and bottoms to upper side.
Attention: - slowly massage the breasts if you take hard massage it dissolve Fat deposited in your breast and your boobs can be small, so have to slowly.

2 – Take Ashvagandhadi Chuarna

ashvagandhadi powder (an Indian aayurvedic medicine made by powder of winter cherry herb root. Winter cherry Latin name is withania somnifera linn if you find this herb root easily in your country then make this powder at home also) 1-1 teaspoonfuls with milk in the morning and evening.
If ashwgndhadi churna is not available in your country and you are still unable to find winter cherry root then do not worry take barley powder (malt) instead of winter cherry root powder.
3-Take Contraceptive pills

like mala - D, Ovral, etc. these pills content a lot of Female Harmon they increase Fat deposits in the breasts so take a course of these pills.

I have many books on Ayurveda and alternative medicines, recently i got an ancient book of my father late shri hiralal kaushik.
I do not knew the author of book and name of book because most of page from this book is destroyed ( i publish a image of breast development tip from this ancient book).
as per this book for increase cup size of female breast:-
" take 125 ml Buffalo milk and mix 14 ml almonds oil (badam rogan) in this milk than apply (massaging) the mixture on your both breast, if you do this than your breast will be get shape,tightness and thickness."
After using this tip breast will be develop in 7 days of using this method but for continue enjoy big b**s , repeat this process twice a week.
my suggestion:-
1. use pure edible quality badam (almond) oil from reputed company.. i recommended hamdard rogan badam shirin for it.
2.consume( not orally..only external use on breast) all  the 139 ml mixture at within 6 hour of making it. and make a fresh mixture every day.
3. for quantity half glass milk is equal to 125-130 ml and 3 teaspoon almonds oil is equal to 14-15 ml.
4. use only Buffalo milk cow milk is not use full for this.

 i requested to user that after using this tip make your true comments that this home remedy for breast devlopment is working for you or not.
 Almonds contains monounsaturated oleic acid which is an omega-9 fatty acid and also contains linoleum acid (a polyunsaturated omega-6 essential fatty acid), and palmitic acid (a saturated fatty acid).
So almond oil is a mild, lightweight oil which is easily absorb with breast cells and enhance to storage of fats in breast mussels and full fill their fat cavity so always use almond oil and olive oil for breast massage if you want to grew your small breast and want to increase your cup size.

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