Sunday, July 26, 2009

Treat stammering without voice therapy with simple alternative treatment

Most of doctors say that stammering is not a disease it is a habit only .but we are not agree to their view. We think a portion of your mind speech center is stop working and then you are stammer. And in my research on hundreds of people that stammer and some of them control 100 percent their voice disorder I find out some effective treatment of stammer. So I request you that you will try these treatments and treat your stammer.
1.Done baba ramdev anulom viloma pranayama (a breathing exercise) 20 minutes daily. If you say I have not time to done pranayama then you are not serious about treat you’re stammering. Anulom viloma is supply extra oxygen in your mind to regenerate your voice center dead cells.
Take very small quantity of shankh bhasma (an aaurvedic medicine made by shell ash) twice daily.small quantity means size of a pea near about 1/10 teaspoonfull This medicine is very effective on stammering and speech disorder also (normally it used to treat digestive disorder) if you mix it with amla powder (indian gooseberry herb powder) it will effect like a magic try it.
2.Take stramonium IM (a homeopathic medicine takes in consult with your homeopathic physician) in once a week and repeat your treatment for 6 week.
3. In astrology stammering is occurred to mercury planet disorder. So wear green color dress to absorb more mercury planet rays. And i updated this article with mercary mantra click here to read part 2 of this article.
Every Wednesdays donate green vegetables and clothes to poor and pray lord ganesha for mercury planet disorder.
4.When you pronoun any sentence than every first alphabet of word pronouns little long than other but without pressure. For example you say “how are you kamal” in this method you pronoun H A Y and K little long without pressure try this it will cure 75 percent your problem immediately and remain 25 percent cure if you follow above 3 points.
I think you enjoy your life without stammering. If you really gain benefits from our post kindly write your comments for support to me and increasing faith to other reader.

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