Thursday, April 21, 2016

Herbal Sex Power Booster For Woman

I again clarify that I believe in monastic celibacy for save your spiritual power. If any one not uses sex power, than his spiritual power up automatically.
So this woman special liquid herbal sex power booster is not for those who use it as an enjoyment tool. This article is dedicated for those females who feel less or nil excitement during intercourse and there married life is near to broken due to low sex hunger.

1. We use only one herb name Satavari (Asparagus racemosus). Satavari contains great female hormone booster elements and satavari is used for female sex power booster, female breast development, reduce unwanted hair growth in female (I write separate article for breast development and reduce unwanted hair in female).
2. Boil ½ teaspoonful satavari powder in milk for 5 minutes then seieve it and take it twice daily (please consult your lady doctor or take under care of doctor because I am not a doctor).
3. It will increase your sex hunger in 7 days so i call this female herbal viyagra.
4. This tip is not work for male, for male herbal sex power booster read separate article in these links
Herbal Sex Power Booster for Male
5. For breast development read article in this link:-
How to Devlop Breast

Friday, April 8, 2016

Natural Herbal Sex Power Booster for Diabetic

Respected Readers,
I got many  queries from diabetic persons in response of my earlier article:-
They want a sure and safe herbal sex power booster for diabetic because diabetes is a disease that lower the libido of diabetic.
Now I tell you an anicient herbal formulation for libido enhancement in diabetic from anicient ayurvedic book " Bhejasya Ratnawali" 
Diabetes is a type of  "prameha".
Diabetes is one type of prameha in 20 prameha type
What is  Prameha :- According to anicient ayurveda books prameha means a uro genital disorder where your vital elements (Albumin, Calcium and Phosphorus) is lost in urine.
These anicient books not directly say about albumin, calcium and phosphorus they say " your semen is lost in urine"
You wonder to knew that semen in man and female white discharge in woman  both contain these vital elements "Albumin, Calcium and Phosphorus"
These vital elements found in semen and prostate gland secretion ( in female skene's gland secretion) so prostate gland malfunction is main cause of secretion of these vital elements in urine.
other reason is UTI ( Urinary tract infections)
due to these vital elements lost in sexual intercourse and in urine your body feel tired and you feel low energy level in your day to day life.
So body self regulating system stop insulin production or insulin utilization to increase your sugar level in blood stream because body self regulation system try to boost your energy level with help of this increased sugar level.
( I have no scientific proof about above  theory I just try to explain what ancient Indian monk think about prameha ,  but  I am sure one day medical science try to treat diabetes with help of this theory and Indian scientist of CSIR already make a herbal formulation BGR 34 from help of ancient ayurveda theory).
Due to this Albumin and Calcium and phosphorus lost in urine diabetic patients also suffer from:-
1. Weakness.
2. Pain in neck, legs,back pain etc.
3. Prostate Problems.
4. Decreased libido and complete loss of sex power.
5. Kidny problems.
Now I tell you ayurvedic herbal remedy for all above:-
Best Natural Herbal Sex Power Booster for Diabetic:-
Chandraprabha vati is describe in bhejasya ratnavali for cure prameha, for prostate cure, for kidney problems cure and for neck and back pain cervical spondelyteties cure.
Chandraprabha vati also stop albumin discharge through urine and it prescribed like a general tonic and libido enhancer in diabetic.
Chandraprabha vati also claim to increase sex power due to it shilajeet contains.
I already write  an article about chanderprbha vati use in prostate cure  read this article here:-
How to check scientifically that Chandraprabha vati work for you?:- No doubt that when you start taking Chandraprabha vati then you feel good in sex power, feel increased libido, decreased blood sugar level and less pain in diabetic nuropathy but it is advisable to check your blood sugar levels and examine your urine for albumin and calcium excretion in urine.
After 21 days of regular treatment re examine your sugar and urine albumin plus calcium level.
I am 99% sure you find your albumin and calcium is level is nil in urine and your blood sugar is also in under control.
Please share your experience in comments and do not forget to like and share this article for help of others.
Watch My youtube video about diabetes:-

Warning:- Author of this article is not a doctor and not authorized to prescribe any type medicine so use any medicine with prior consult of your doctor. This article is only for educational purpose and expression of my view only. Author not liable for any harm if you use any medicine or Chandraprabha Vati without consult a doctor.

Friday, March 4, 2016

My New Research for Haemorrhoids Cure.

I tell a mantra in Hindi language on my Hindi dugdugi blog which help many people to get permanent rid from piles ( Bavasir or haemorrhoids) you can read this mantra here:-
and also write an English article earlier on this blog here:-
many people get relief from there haemorrhoids with help of above 2 articles but recently I got a new research about piles fast and prompt cure without surgery.
My New Research for Haemorrhoids Cure:- Take 1 capsule of  any good pre and pro biotic  (twice a day after meals) and see the noticeable improvement in your constipation, anal itch, piles,
haemorrhoids within this 3 day treatment.
How pre and pro biotic work on piles treatment:- Actually piles and constipation is caused by candida ( Yeast) overgrowth in your large intestine. pre and pro biotic remove this underlying cause of anal itch, inflammation, bleeding and piles.
1.What is pre and pro-biotic;-they are good bacteria which found in our intestinal flora , I can not write more about per and pro-biotic in this article because if you want to learn more about this you may visit this article on net:-
2. Which brand of pre-biotic I use for piles:- I am not a doctor so not authorized to write a pre-biotic brand for you but personally I use Capsule Bifilac when I join a spicy dinner party or a marriage party to prevent gas, constipation or piles  or when I forget to get this bifilac or eat  spicy foods then I got piles ( which remove within 2-3 days when I take bifilac twice a day so this is the point where I catch this research ).
3. What is Candida or yeast overgrowth?:- You can find more about intestinal yeast overgrowth here:-
4. Can I avoid certain food during treatment:- Yes, you can avoid Indian curd (dahi) lassi , curry, meat, eggs, non veg foods,any milk base probiotic like dahi, yogurt ,Paneer (Cheese), more then 250 ml milk and sweets make from milk is also avoided. 
because Indian curd or dahi is make from uncontrolled bacterial strain which contain both good and bad bacteria so if you take  with capsule form of good bacteria spors then you get nil result.
Non veg, Paneer and milk promote bad intestinal bacterial growth so these food also interfere with pre biotic result
5. Can I chanting mantra with this pre biotic treatment:- Yes, recite this mantra 21 time in front of water pot and after every chanting exhale your breath on this water , after your bowl movement and after 21 time chanting wash your anus with this water.

Om Kaka Karta Krori Karta Om Karta Se Hoye
Yarasna Dash Hans Pragate Khooni Badi Bavasir Na 

Hoye. Mantra Janke Na Bataye to Dwadash Brahma

 Hatya Ka pap Hoy Lakh Jap Kare Vake Vansh Mein Na 

Hoye Shabda Sancha, Pind Kacha, Phuro Mantra Eswaro


6. Any other recommendation:- ask rutin capsule with your doctor because rutin is a flavanoid which help good intestinal health or recover haemorrhoids fast

Now it is your time to comment:-

Warning:- Take any pre and pro-biotic ( including bifilac) and food supplement ( Rutin) with consult of a qualified doctor only author of this article is not a doctor and no liability is accepted in any manner, this article not recommended any medicine and only for educational purpose.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hyperventilation V/s Stuttering

Respected Readers,
See this latest research by m
Are you suffering from any one /all of these disease:-
1. Stammering.
2. Stuttering
3. Depression
4. Insomnia
5. Excess Bloating or belching
6. Neck pain
7. Back pain
8. Eye lid twitching.
9. Numbness in Hand, Finger or Leg.
10. Twitching in other part of body.
11. Thyroid syndrome.
Then in single term you are suffering from Hyperventilation.
What Hyperventilation Mean:- Hyperventilation means lack of carbon di oxide  ( CO2) in blood stream.
How Hyperventilation Effect Your Life:- This  low level  COof reduce Ca+ (calcium) and Mg+ (magnesium) Ions in your blood stream that cause Imbalance in your brain and you may suffer from:-
1. Stammering.
2. Stuttering
3. Depression
4. Insomnia 
This reduced level of Ca+ and Mg+ Ions make warning signs like:-
1.Eye lid twitching.
2.Numbness in Hand, Finger or Leg.
3.Twitching in other part of body.
This reduced level of Ca+ and Mg+ Ions abandoned normal functions of mussels that cause:-
2. Stuttering.
3. Neck Pain
4. Back Pain.
Your Stomach produce less H+ ions due to low Ca+ and Mg+ levels so your intestine has an overgrowth of harmful yeasts which produce more CO2 in intestine (not in blood stream) so this will cause you  Excess Bloating or belching.
How to Recover this Hyperventilation:- Calcium and Magnesium supplements not help to achieve proper level of  calcium and magnesium in blood stream because until you have not proper carbon di oxide in your blood stream you may not get desired calcium and magnesium in your blood.
So Breath holding exercise is the only way to achieve proper CO2 level in blood stream so read this article to learn more about breath holding exercise:-
Watch this video:-

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Warm Water Miracle: Treat your Asthma Allergy , Cold and Cough

Today I tell you a free miracle remedy for cold cough allergy and asthma problems.

Before we continue I want to tell you that how I invent this miracle treatment for treating cold cough and asthma. 
About 5 year ago my 4 year old son severely face cough and asthma attacks.
He face these cough attacks near about every night so we cannot able to sleep and we visit to many doctors but all of my doctors treat my child with anti asthmatic treatments, antibiotics, cough and cold tablets etc.. 
Then I try baba ramdev treatment for allergy and asthma , this treatment will help 70 to 80 % but after stopping this treatment symptoms are occur again. See my earlier article about detail of this herbal treatment
Finally one day I go to my spiritual teacher (guru) and ask him about my child problem. 
My guruji is simply laugh and say “ Give him warm water only"
This mean whenever he feel thirsty I give him warm water only. ( Warm means lukewarm water , boil the water and then allow it cool till lukewarm temperature is come) 
So I start giving him this treatment and I wonder to see the result my child is free from asthma within 2-3 days of this treatment.  
( and after continue use of 10 days we give him normal water but whenever we feel that allergy symptoms occurs again then we again start warm water therapy for next 10 days so after these 4-5 cycle of 10-10 day warm water therapy now my son is free from any allergy)
What is the logic behind this:- In India during rainy session Jain religious are drink only lukewarm water  because ancient Jain monks are knew very well that warm water stimulate respiratory,digestive and immune system. 
 Chemistry students knew that if a substance is not soluble in cold water then it may be soluble in warm water so warm water have 500 % more solubility then normal temperature water 
so if we take lukewarm water then this warm water dissolve minerals and vitamins from our food and overall we got a healthy immune and respiratory system. 
Try this today and tell your experience in comments. 
Special notes:- If you avoid sweets, sugar, potato, rice, tomato and onion from your food then you may get more quick benefit from this therapy, because these food increase yeast in your intestine and recent studies show that intestinal yeast or candida is main cause of allergy . warm water stimulate good intestinal flora growth so these good flora control overgrowth of yeast so this is the possible reason behind this warm water therapy.
See this Hindi Video :-

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