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Transdermal Magnesium For Neck Pain, Back Pain, Joint Pain, Diabetes, BP And Stuttering

Respected Readers,
If you or any of your relative complain these symptoms:- 1. Neck Pain 2. Back Pain 3. Joint Pain 4. Knee Pain 5. Ankle Pain 6. Mussels Stiffness. 7. Twitching Eye. 8. Stuttering. 9. Stammering. 10.Insomnia 11. Diabetes 12. High or Low BP
Then It may be Magnesium deficiency.

The Recent study shows the power of magnesium to cure these so called name of your chronic pain or your incurable chronic disease.
Here is the complete list of symptoms which you face if you are deficit in magnesium: -
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Diabetes mellitus
Parkinson’s disease
Circulatory disturbances (stroke, cardiac infarction, arteriosclerosis)
Cluster headaches
Cramps Abdominal pain
Stress-dependent disorders
Why you are the deficit of Magnesium?:-
1-Low stomach acid, common in older adults, because these days doctors blindly use stomach acid blockers like proton pump inhibitors. Remember you have acidity problem, your doctor recommended you one PPI capsule to take daily in empty stomach. And after some days you got above low magnesium symptoms because absorption of magnesium need high stomach acid and your acidity pills lower your stomach acid and you easily deficit in Magnesium due to low stomach acid.
2- Low magnesium diets, and eating too much dairy or cheese (Paneer) type active calcium supplementation replace your magnesium with calcium.
3- You drink only RO water which deficit in calcium or magnesium. 
4- Diabetes cause excess urination which drains magnesium.
5-Diarrhea and vomiting for any reason 
6-Excessive use of alcohol also causes magnesium deficiency.
7- Crohn’s disease, celiac sprue, and any disorder of the digestive or intestinal function.
8- Kidney disorders also cause magnesium deficiency.  
9. Genetic magnesium absorption disorders magnesium deficiency.
What is the remedy: - Very simple apply some magnesium oil on your skin and magnesium oil quickly absorb through the skin. You get instant relief without any oral supplementation.

What is Magnesium Oil:- Magnesium Chloride Solution in distilled or RO water known as Magnesium Oil, Buy Magnesium Chloride from your local chemist, take 1 cup  Magnesium Chloride flakes dissolve then in 1 cup water, this 1:1 solution of Magnesium Chloride:Water known as Magnesium oil because it is oily like an oil and easily absorb in your Skin, and you get relief from Magnesium deficiency.
What is the proof of this therapy: - I give you link to Amazon US, UK and India sites where you  find 650+ review in US store, 346 reviews in UK store, and 1+ Review in India Store all of these 1000+ Reviews are not fake, Visit these links to read these online buyers reviews:-

Now It is your time to share your honest reviews and  If you have any question about this alternative therapy then I am happy to reply your questions, 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Amazing True Story Of A Jeweler Who Removes His Heart Blockage Naturally ( Without Bypass Surgery).

How to remove heart blockage without angioplasty and bypass surgery? 
This question is a life-saving question because when your doctor recommended you angioplasty or bypass surgery, then you are so worried and want to find an easy, simple, natural method to remove heart blockage without bypass.
Now I tell you a true story which may inspire you, and you may remove your heart blockage without bypass surgery.

A public garden is situated near my home and every day I go for the morning walk in this garden.
When I was doing my morning walk per day, I see an 80-year-old man who was doing school PT per day even in summer morning 25-degreee temperature and even in winter morning 1-2 degree temperature.
Every day when I cross to this old uncle then every day, he smiles to me.

I am very impressed with this old uncle and surprised that why this old uncle chooses children school PT instead of the morning walk, Pranayama or other exercises?

Before we continue this amazing life-saving story kindly watch this video of school PT if you do not know about school PT:-

I feel surprised but due to hesitation I do not ask this question from that 80-year-old uncle who was doing children school exercise.
Fortunately one day my wife ask me to go a jeweler who makes an Indian silver anklet for her.

We both visit a jeweler shop, and I wonder to see that same old uncle is on jeweler sit, and he welcome us with the same pleasant smile.
After shopping an Indian silver anklet for my wife, I have enough friendship with this old jeweler to ask my question.
I ask him " Uncle If you do not mind I want to ask one question?
He threw the same lovely pleasant smile to me and said " Of course you may ask anything.
I replied "Thank you, I want to ask that why you are doing children exercise (school PT) instead of pranayama and morning walk, etc.
He laughed and told his amazing, unbelievable story to me.
" My dear son, five years ago I suffer from heart pain, the doctor says your heart has blocked near 70-80 percent, and by-pass surgery is the only option. but I am worried because that time my age was 75 year and I am also a sufferer of diabetes.
So after doctor visits whole night I am unable to sleep, so I pray to god that " Please protect me from by-pass surgery because I do not want to go for an operation, please save me, please save me, please save me.....whole night.
But no result comes, and God does not reply my prayer so my older son and me start our train journey to  Ahmadabad city ( for bypass surgery) which is near 250 Km from Pindwara.
After 60 Km of the journey from Abu Road station one Indian lady monk is come on the train, I am very impressed with her glowing, peaceful face and after some interrogation, I told her my story that I go for a bypass surgery, so please pray to God for me.
She smiles and says " Why not you try school PT like this, She performs some of school PT steps to me; she said our hand arteries are related to heart and if we increase blood circulation in hands then it dissolve heart blockage.

In next station (Palanpur) she went away from the train, I think God sent her to me.
So I am also left my journey from next station and come back to Pindwara.
From next day I start these school PT steps and check doctor after 1-2 months, Almost all of my blockage is gone; My diabetes also comes in normal range.
I give thanks to this old uncle for share his experience and make a youtube video from his exercises steps see my youtube video for more details of these PT steps:-

If you have any question? Please ask your questions in Comments I am happy to help you.
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Caution & Disclaimer: - I am not a doctor in the modern medical stream and Ayurveda Stream.
However, Author is registered doctor under the biochemical stream of alternative medicine and registered with Indian board of alternative medicine Kolkata.
So if you follow tips that give in this video or my popaticure blog, please consult your doctor and take any medicine or physical exercise under the care of your doctor. 
Because it is possible that advice given here may be dangerous, and you should make your own checks that it is safe. 
This video or related popaticure blog entry is only for information purpose and no liability accepted for this purpose. 
This video or popaticure blog not a substitute for professional medical advice.
Subject to Pindwara (India) jurisdiction only

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Migraine Alternative Treatment with Natural and Holistic Aproch

Today one of my friend Govind Singh Choudhary ask me the treatment of migraine.
So in this article, I tell you my research on natural alternative migraine treatment.
1. Morden medical science did not know the actual cause of migraine, but recent studies show that food preservatives like MSG will trigger migraine.
Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a flavor enhancer and used in most of the packaged food like tomato sauce, Maggy, Chinese foods.
Even Patanjali noodles and sauce also contain food enhancers.
Baba Ramdev uses code word of E627 and E631 for these chemicals, but if you search E627 and E631 on google and read it origin and safety, then you never use these noodles.
MSG trigger migraine attack by dilating blood vessels and exciting certain nerves in the brain. Often people who get headaches from MSG, E627, E631 and other food preservatives have other symptoms as well, such as feelings of pressure in the neck and face, sweating, tingling in the fingers and abdominal cramps. 
These symptoms are so common among people who eat the sauce and Chinese foods that they also have known as the "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome."
So this is my first condition that " if you want to get benefited from this blog tips then you must avoid all packaged food, noodles, biscuits, bread, sauce, ice creams and restaurant foods otherwise this blog is unable to help you.
2. OK, I think you agree with my condition and avoid all packaged foods during the treatment and after treatment uses these foods occasionally.
3. Now, recall your memory 25-30 year back, in your native village ( if you come from a village) when anyone get symptoms of long-lasting headaches like migraine then someone gives a "jhara"( resite holistic mantra) for this problem which known as adhasisi among Indian villagers.
So here I, not advice that you may get this jhara from villagers but jhara is only powerful treatment which provides instant magical relief so here I provide you link of this mantra where you find this mantra and chanting method of this mantra:-
4. At night before you go to sleep insert 2-2 drops of Baidhyanath-Shadbindu taila in your every nostril, and if Shadbindu taila is not easily available, then one can also use cow ghee or badam rogan instead of this taila.
5. Use this powerful breath meditation for headache read more details here:-
Breath Meditation for Headache
5. Finally, if you still think you still need any oral medicine then visit your nearest ayurvedic store and get Patanjali praval pisti 10 gm from this store, take a pea size of this praval pisti twice daily with water.
How it works: - Praval pisti is natural calcium and magnesium supplement, and magnesium deficiency may cause inflammation and headache, so Ayurveda strongly recommended this supplements for many health problems affected by calcium and magnesium deficiency.
Please remember to take any medicine only with prior consulate of your doctor because author not authorized for prescribing Ayurvedic medicine however you may read more detail of praval pisthi under this link:-

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Treat Diarrhea at Home with Help of These 3 Easy Steps

if you suffer from diarrhea and want a home remedy for this then here top 3 home remedies for primary care to stop loose motion :-
1. Take one cup black tea (black tea means tea without milk but little sugar is allowed).

How it works:- Black tea contain "caffeine" which have anti bacterial properties on E.coli so if your diarrhea is caused by e.coli then black tea effectively treated your diarrhea.
Read this research reports about anti bacterial effect of caffeine:-
Caffeine anti bacterial properties
2. After 1 hour of taking black tea take 1 cup yogurt or indian curd or "lassi" without mixing salt or sugar
so prebiotic in yogurt or  curd or lassi is help good bacterial growth in your intestine.

How it works:- While caffeine kill your bad bacteria this yogurt or curd grow good bacteria in your intestine.
Read details of this activity here:-
Prebiotic role in diarrhea

3. After 15 minute of taking yogurt enjoy 2 simple plain biscuit these biscuit give you instant energy and biscuit contain "Yeast" which is also absorb extra water from your intestine so yeast in biscuit also help you to stop loose motion.

If your problem is not resolve with these 3 home treatment and symptoms persist then consult your doctor for further treatment.
Please also remember if your loose motion is too frequent and you feel abdomen pain , nausea, and other severe symptoms then take immediate medical advice instead of above home treatments and these home tips are not useful for children below 3 year of age so sick immediate medical advice for children below 3 year or weak persons who already sick with any other disease. 
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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Herbal Sex Power Booster For Woman

I again clarify that I believe in monastic celibacy for save your spiritual power. If any one not uses sex power, than his spiritual power up automatically.
So this woman special liquid herbal sex power booster is not for those who use it as an enjoyment tool. This article is dedicated for those females who feel less or nil excitement during intercourse and there married life is near to broken due to low sex hunger.

1. We use only one herb name Satavari (Asparagus racemosus). Satavari contains great female hormone booster elements and satavari is used for female sex power booster, female breast development, reduce unwanted hair growth in female (I write separate article for breast development and reduce unwanted hair in female).
2. Boil ½ teaspoonful satavari powder in milk for 5 minutes then seieve it and take it twice daily (please consult your lady doctor or take under care of doctor because I am not a doctor).
3. It will increase your sex hunger in 7 days so i call this female herbal viyagra.
4. This tip is not work for male, for male herbal sex power booster read separate article in these links
Herbal Sex Power Booster for Male
5. For breast development read article in this link:-
How to Devlop Breast

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