Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hyperventilation V/s Stuttering

Respected Readers,
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Are you suffering from any one /all of these disease:-
1. Stammering.
2. Stuttering
3. Depression
4. Insomnia
5. Excess Bloating or belching
6. Neck pain
7. Back pain
8. Eye lid twitching.
9. Numbness in Hand, Finger or Leg.
10. Twitching in other part of body.
11. Thyroid syndrome.
Then in single term you are suffering from Hyperventilation.
What Hyperventilation Mean:- Hyperventilation means lack of carbon di oxide  ( CO2) in blood stream.
How Hyperventilation Effect Your Life:- This  low level  COof reduce Ca+ (calcium) and Mg+ (magnesium) Ions in your blood stream that cause Imbalance in your brain and you may suffer from:-
1. Stammering.
2. Stuttering
3. Depression
4. Insomnia 
This reduced level of Ca+ and Mg+ Ions make warning signs like:-
1.Eye lid twitching.
2.Numbness in Hand, Finger or Leg.
3.Twitching in other part of body.
This reduced level of Ca+ and Mg+ Ions abandoned normal functions of mussels that cause:-
2. Stuttering.
3. Neck Pain
4. Back Pain.
Your Stomach produce less H+ ions due to low Ca+ and Mg+ levels so your intestine has an overgrowth of harmful yeasts which produce more CO2 in intestine (not in blood stream) so this will cause you  Excess Bloating or belching.
How to Recover this Hyperventilation:- Calcium and Magnesium supplements not help to achieve proper level of  calcium and magnesium in blood stream because until you have not proper carbon di oxide in your blood stream you may not get desired calcium and magnesium in your blood.
So Breath holding exercise is the only way to achieve proper CO2 level in blood stream so read this article to learn more about breath holding exercise:-
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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Warm Water Miracle: Treat your Asthma Allergy , Cold and Cough

Today I tell you a free miracle remedy for cold cough allergy and asthma problems.

Before we continue I want to tell you that how I invent this miracle treatment for treating cold cough and asthma. 
About 5 year ago my 4 year old son severely face cough and asthma attacks.
He face these cough attacks near about every night so we cannot able to sleep and we visit to many doctors but all of my doctors treat my child with anti asthmatic treatments, antibiotics, cough and cold tablets etc.. 
Then I try baba ramdev treatment for allergy and asthma , this treatment will help 70 to 80 % but after stopping this treatment symptoms are occur again. See my earlier article about detail of this herbal treatment
Finally one day I go to my spiritual teacher (guru) and ask him about my child problem. 
My guruji is simply laugh and say “ Give him warm water only"
This mean whenever he feel thirsty I give him warm water only. ( Warm means lukewarm water , boil the water and then allow it cool till lukewarm temperature is come) 
So I start giving him this treatment and I wonder to see the result my child is free from asthma within 2-3 days of this treatment.  
( and after continue use of 10 days we give him normal water but whenever we feel that allergy symptoms occurs again then we again start warm water therapy for next 10 days so after these 4-5 cycle of 10-10 day warm water therapy now my son is free from any allergy)
What is the logic behind this:- In India during rainy session Jain religious are drink only lukewarm water  because ancient Jain monks are knew very well that warm water stimulate respiratory,digestive and immune system. 
 Chemistry students knew that if a substance is not soluble in cold water then it may be soluble in warm water so warm water have 500 % more solubility then normal temperature water 
so if we take lukewarm water then this warm water dissolve minerals and vitamins from our food and overall we got a healthy immune and respiratory system. 
Try this today and tell your experience in comments. 
Special notes:- If you avoid sweets, sugar, potato, rice, tomato and onion from your food then you may get more quick benefit from this therapy, because these food increase yeast in your intestine and recent studies show that intestinal yeast or candida is main cause of allergy . warm water stimulate good intestinal flora growth so these good flora control overgrowth of yeast so this is the possible reason behind this warm water therapy.
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Thursday, January 22, 2015

How to Get Fair Skin with Help of Food and Nutrients.

Today I tell you my personal tips for fair skin. With the help of these tips you may get fair skin within 21 days. I am frequently use these tips and in age of 40 years my skin is fair and wrinkle-free.
1.Vitamin E also known as α-Tocopherol is a best antioxidant which prevent ageing sign and rejuvenate dead skin cells. So taking a Vitamin E supplement give fair and wrinkle free skin
( In my personal life I use  Capsule Evion 400 mg for this purpose and I am not take this vitamin E supplement per day, I take it  only 2-3 time in a week and my dosage is one 400 mg capsule per day buy you may ask your doctor for your dosage).
Vitamin E also prevent hair loss.
2. Olive oil and Almond Oil is best Skin faring agent for outside use .
So mix olive oil and almond oil in equal quantity and mix a pinch of turmeric in it apply this solution of your skin  one hour before your bath.
3. In your food include
Tomato:- Tomato contain "carotene lycopene" which is the one of the most powerful natural antioxidants. and
some research show that regular intake of tomato give redness in skin due to hyper pigmentation of lycopene.
Anjeer:-  Take one Anjeer per day due to it high contain of Iron and Vitamin B
Read this complete list of my top 10 favourite vegetarian foods and  anti ageing diet for fair skin  here
4. Avoid direct sun exposer for fair skin.
5. Chanting one Argla Stotra per Day for fair skin ( Argla Stotra is part of Durga saptashati download it from internet and chanting once a day or If chanting is not possible for you then  search a you tube vedio of this argla stotra and listen it once a day ).
6. Always wake up 1.5 hour  before sunrise, So locate your local sunrise time which change near 1 minute every day You may look it on your local newspaper at astrology column awaking 1.5 hr before sunrise give you fair skin.
7. Again I repeat is that point 1,3 and 6 are most important part of your fairness program so do not skip these points for getting a fair skin in 21 days.
Do not forget to discuss your progress in comments

Saturday, July 5, 2014

How To Gain Weight In 21 Days

Recently I get an e mail from one of my followr that "Hi sir,i am Ravinder singh from Dehradun.my height is 5.7 and weight is 50.i am naturally thin.my appetite is very low.kindly give me some tips to gain weight and increase appetite". 
Some people have very thin figure, They always feel inferior about their thin body. 
So today I tell you some of my tested weight gain methods without any steroidal body mass gain formulas. 
First of all I want to warn my readers, that please do not use steroidal powders which claim that they make your body within the same day of uses. 
These Steroidal formulas claim that they contain simple herbs like Aswagandha Shatavari but Actually some companies may be mix steroids in these formulations. 
My cousin brother uses one of this type powders which impress him by a newspaper advertisement and within 30 days of use he looks very smart and fatty, His body gets ABS like Salman Khan, This formula powder increase his appetite and he eat 2-4 times much from his normal diet. When he stops consuming this powder, then his body shape gets reversed and even worse from his original texture. After some time he feels severe pain in his hip joint and doctor say that he uses steroid that melt down bone of his hip joint. He still feels guilty that why he uses this type of medicine of advertisement. 
Ok, Now I tell you some of side effect less methods for weight gain
1.Take one cup of plain Vanilla ice-cream every day at bedtime Plain Vanilla Ice Cream contains milk and milk solids with Maltodextrin which help to improve metabolize' m and prevent you from acidity. 
2. Take Liv 52 syrup 1-1 teaspoonfuls after meals, Liv 52 detoxify your liver and improve appetite which is necessarily part of weight gain program. 
3. Do not skip your meals, Eat 3 times daily, even if in small quantity. 
4. Eat 2 Common Fig (Anjeer) daily after meals, (If you do not hate with milk, then boil 2 common figs in milk and then consume fig with this milk) See this video for more details of Anjeer 

I am sure that if you follow all of these 4 points, then you gain weight within 21 days, After 21 days continue this method until you gain your satisfied level.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Herbal (Domestic) Formula to Get Pregnant.

1. I live in Pindwara which is situated in tribal area of Rajasthan,  in this tribal area  one person give holistic treatment to women which wishing to conceive.
2. This person gives parsley (Ajwayan) to these woman and before giving him, he was reading a mantra on this parsley.
3.He says to his devotee woman that every night they take a half teaspoon of this parsley after meals. ( Start from   the third day of menses) And after his treatment almost 99 % woman's get pregnant . 
4.I tested this treatment and found that in this treatment mantra has no any effect ,actually parsley increase level of female hormone and if any ladies take parsley just 1-2 hour before of breeding then it increase ovulation and increase chance of get conceive.
5. People who are farmers they knew that how to breed cows  when a cow is in heat (in abundant sexual urge cow make strange noises) then the ox is more likely to conceive them. 
6. That is the secret of this Ajwayan(parsley) formula.
7. So If You have taken ½ teaspoon parsley just after dinner, It will  increase your female hormone levels  and about two hours later when you having sexual intercourse your female hormone is reached in the highest level, It will helps in ovulation and help to get pregnant.
8.Ajwayan It is also used for women who have low sexual desire this formula will  increases sexual desire in woman's. 9.Therefore, I appeal to the readers of this blog that do not waste of money in unnecessary drugs, try this simple formula, and  Maximum share this article  to benefit the needy.
10. Try this simple formula, if you not get conceive in first month then repeat this formula in next month and I notice that within 3 months most of women get conceive if all other reports of her (and her husband sperm count) are normal.
11. Do not forget to make comment when you get conceive with help of this formula.
12. Read Hindi version of this article here