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Pranayama for stuttering.

This research may change your life from a stutter to fluent speaker so read this article carefully for this new study of breathing exercises for stammering and stuttering. 

Actually new research shows cause of stuttering is magnesium and thiamine deficiency in the body. Magnesium is a mineral which helps thiamine absorption in the intestine . Before you continue I recommended to read this article first for more deep understanding of this method:-
Hyperventilation V/s Stammering
When any stutter serum level check for magnesium, calcium and thiamine then it is found below average. 
Try to understand this cycle
 Low magnesium/calcium----------cause low absorption of thiamine------cause low thiamine levels----low thiamine levels cause mind left and right globule imbalance------imbalance in mind left and right part cause stuttering. 
 In my earlier articles, I describe that how 20 minutes of Baba Ramdev anulom viloma pranayama balance your left and right part of mind and give you more fluent speech. 
My blog readers sent me many mail and comments about this method they told me if they doing only 5-10 minute Anulom Viloma then it reduce stuttering and they are near about more fluent in their daily life but more than 10 minute cause more severe stuttering. 

Ok, After experiment of many volunteers I found that doing slow and gentle anulom viloma (with holding of inner breath in 2-7 seconds) 7 minutes per day give us a pick level of fluency. 
If you forget to doing it per day your stuttering will return because I think every stutter have a gene which cause low magnesium level in serum and doing 7 minute anuloma viloma (with holding of inner breath in 2-7 seconds) per day give a temporary increasing in serum magnesium and thiamine level for 8-16 hours so doing pranayama every day is must for optimized level of fluency.
 Not only 7 minutes of slow and gentle anuloma viloma pranayama you needs 7 breath holding pranayama and 5 bharamari pranayama per day for maximum fluency in your speech. 
How to do Breath holding pranayama for stuttering: - 
After 7 minutes of anuloma viloma (Nadi shodhan ) pranayama take your breath (inhale) slowly with both of nostril and hold it , holding time is vary from person to person it is a simple formula that hold breath as long as you hold it without force. Some people hold breath 10-20 seconds other hold 20-40 seconds and some hold it 40-60 seconds without any force. So do not hold force fully when you start to feel uneasy exhale the breath. 
Maximum holding time is 75 seconds.
See this you tube video for more details:-

Please Remember 75 Seconds is a Maximum limit to hold your breath but you may start it from holding of 2-5 Seconds and increase slowly like increase 2 Seconds per 5 day and achieve maximum 75 seconds holding time in continue 6-12 months of practice. Other wise this may harmful for you, Do all pranayama and breath holding exercise under the care of yoga expert and will consultation of any health care provider author not liable for any king of loss due to forcefully breath holding. 
Repeat this process 7 times a day and after 3 days see dramatically effect of fluency level but as I describe earlier for maintain this fluency you may need to doing this exercise per day.
 At the end of pranayama doing bharamari pranayama 5 times. 
So your package is 
1. Anulom vilom 7 minuets.( with holding inner breath 2-3 seconds) 
2. Breath holding pranayama 7 times. ( Hold 2-75 seconds depends on your practice and capacity without force )
3. Bharamari 5 times 
 All of these 3 pranayama is done in 20 minutes . 
The result will notice after 3 days. Please remember it is dangerous to hold breath forcefully so hold it as gently as you hold it easily, doing all pranayama and breath holding exercise with consult of your doctor and any yoga specialist author of this blog is not liable for any harm. 
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