Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Akasha Mudra for osteoporosis otitis media etc.

Today we told you about akasha mudra
1. Touch the tip of the middle finger with that of the thumb.
2. Keep the other fingers straight.
3. One can practice this Mudra for 5-20 minutes as per the requirement.
4. Regular practice of this Mudra provides proper nutrition to the bones and
Strengthens them. And cure your osteoporosis, it increase calcium in bones from your diet.
5. Those suffering from cardiac problems are tremendously benefited
As well.

6. It is useful in alleviating diseases of the ear too. It will cure otitis media and pus from year also. Some people reports that they cure there deafness by this mudra
7. Practice of this Mudra while yawning and
During hiccups prevents problems of lockjaw.

8. So avail the benefit of Indian ancient knowledge and make your comments if it works

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