Saturday, December 11, 2010


Today I tell you a very simple but effective homemade herbal lotion for dark circle around eye. Only 30 day regular use of this lotion give you complete rid from dark circles. For making this homemade lotion you may need three ingredients olive oil, lemon juice and vitamin b complex capsule like becaule.

Take 2 teaspoon olive oil (Figaro) and two tea spoon lemon juice mix it and empty one becasule capsule in this mixture. Shake it until all becasule powder (which you get from emptying capsule) dissolves in this lotion.

Store it in a bottle. Apply this lotion around your eyes (on dark circle) and take iron rich diet CLICK HERE TO READ MY PAST ARTICLE FOR DARK CIRCLE REMOVE FOODS.
Use this lotion within 7 days after that make fresh lotion.
You are wonder to see result in 30 day.

Recent studies show that coconut oil is also helpful for removing dark circle watch this you-tube video for details:-

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