Thursday, April 21, 2016

Herbal Sex Power Booster For Woman

I again clarify that I believe in monastic celibacy for save your spiritual power. If any one not uses sex power, than his spiritual power up automatically.
So this woman special liquid herbal sex power booster is not for those who use it as an enjoyment tool. This article is dedicated for those females who feel less or nil excitement during intercourse and there married life is near to broken due to low sex hunger.

1. We use only one herb name Satavari (Asparagus racemosus). Satavari contains great female hormone booster elements and satavari is used for female sex power booster, female breast development, reduce unwanted hair growth in female (I write separate article for breast development and reduce unwanted hair in female).
2. Boil ½ teaspoonful satavari powder in milk for 5 minutes then seieve it and take it twice daily (please consult your lady doctor or take under care of doctor because I am not a doctor).
3. It will increase your sex hunger in 7 days so i call this female herbal viyagra.
4. This tip is not work for male, for male herbal sex power booster read separate article in these links
Herbal Sex Power Booster for Male
5. For breast development read article in this link:-
How to Devlop Breast

Friday, April 8, 2016

Natural Herbal Sex Power Booster for Diabetic

Respected Readers,
I got many  queries from diabetic persons in response of my earlier article:-
They want a sure and safe herbal sex power booster for diabetic because diabetes is a disease that lower the libido of diabetic.
Now I tell you an anicient herbal formulation for libido enhancement in diabetic from anicient ayurvedic book " Bhejasya Ratnawali" 
Diabetes is a type of  "prameha".
Diabetes is one type of prameha in 20 prameha type
What is  Prameha :- According to anicient ayurveda books prameha means a uro genital disorder where your vital elements (Albumin, Calcium and Phosphorus) is lost in urine.
These anicient books not directly say about albumin, calcium and phosphorus they say " your semen is lost in urine"
You wonder to knew that semen in man and female white discharge in woman  both contain these vital elements "Albumin, Calcium and Phosphorus"
These vital elements found in semen and prostate gland secretion ( in female skene's gland secretion) so prostate gland malfunction is main cause of secretion of these vital elements in urine.
other reason is UTI ( Urinary tract infections)
due to these vital elements lost in sexual intercourse and in urine your body feel tired and you feel low energy level in your day to day life.
So body self regulating system stop insulin production or insulin utilization to increase your sugar level in blood stream because body self regulation system try to boost your energy level with help of this increased sugar level.
( I have no scientific proof about above  theory I just try to explain what ancient Indian monk think about prameha ,  but  I am sure one day medical science try to treat diabetes with help of this theory and Indian scientist of CSIR already make a herbal formulation BGR 34 from help of ancient ayurveda theory).
Due to this Albumin and Calcium and phosphorus lost in urine diabetic patients also suffer from:-
1. Weakness.
2. Pain in neck, legs,back pain etc.
3. Prostate Problems.
4. Decreased libido and complete loss of sex power.
5. Kidny problems.
Now I tell you ayurvedic herbal remedy for all above:-
Best Natural Herbal Sex Power Booster for Diabetic:-
Chandraprabha vati is describe in bhejasya ratnavali for cure prameha, for prostate cure, for kidney problems cure and for neck and back pain cervical spondelyteties cure.
Chandraprabha vati also stop albumin discharge through urine and it prescribed like a general tonic and libido enhancer in diabetic.
Chandraprabha vati also claim to increase sex power due to it shilajeet contains.
I already write  an article about chanderprbha vati use in prostate cure  read this article here:-
How to check scientifically that Chandraprabha vati work for you?:- No doubt that when you start taking Chandraprabha vati then you feel good in sex power, feel increased libido, decreased blood sugar level and less pain in diabetic nuropathy but it is advisable to check your blood sugar levels and examine your urine for albumin and calcium excretion in urine.
After 21 days of regular treatment re examine your sugar and urine albumin plus calcium level.
I am 99% sure you find your albumin and calcium is level is nil in urine and your blood sugar is also in under control.
Please share your experience in comments and do not forget to like and share this article for help of others.
Watch My youtube video about diabetes:-

Warning:- Author of this article is not a doctor and not authorized to prescribe any type medicine so use any medicine with prior consult of your doctor. This article is only for educational purpose and expression of my view only. Author not liable for any harm if you use any medicine or Chandraprabha Vati without consult a doctor.

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