Saturday, December 25, 2010


Hello Sir,
Please help me. I am suffering from this problem. As soon as I eat I have to go to the bathroom. If not immediately then within half an hour. My stomach bloats and I feel very nauseous. The stools are normal and all the reports are normal as well. Lot of people has told me its irritable bowel syndrome. I have shown lot of doctors but nothing has helped. I will really owe you a lot if you could help me.

Thanking you,
Aditya Jain

Irritable bowel syndrome is very uncomfortable disease because it patients’ feel gas indigestion floating stomach loose stool constipation but all of his reports is normal and doctor mostly diagnoses it as acidity and give antacid to patients. Antacid may not give any help in irritable bowel syndrome.

So first of all I think you may get a good allopathic medicine specially made for irritable bowel syndrome with consult of your allopathic doctor remember I am not a doctor and not authorized to recommended allopathic drug but for educational purpose I told you that take one tablet Stelbid 2 (Stelbid is available in two type first of Stelbid tab and second is Stelbid 2 tablet) twice daily for 7 days with one aciloc 300 mg tablet at bad time with consult of your doctor.

In this treatment and after treatment avoid using chickpea, gram dal and all thing made from gram flour or besan and all deep fried foods. (Occasionally small quantity of these foods is allowed)

Use 1 teaspoon fool isbgol husk (Psyllium seed husks) after each food even if you have no constipation.

Stop kapal bhati pranayam it may increase Irritable bowl syndrome as my personal experience.

Get up before 5 AM daily and walk minimum 2 km daily before sunrise.

I think this is sufficient for treat completely but avoid using chickpea, gram dal and all things made from gram flour or besan and all deep fried foods is must.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Today I tell you a very simple but effective homemade herbal lotion for dark circle around eye. Only 30 day regular use of this lotion give you complete rid from dark circles. For making this homemade lotion you may need three ingredients olive oil, lemon juice and vitamin b complex capsule like becaule.

Take 2 teaspoon olive oil (Figaro) and two tea spoon lemon juice mix it and empty one becasule capsule in this mixture. Shake it until all becasule powder (which you get from emptying capsule) dissolves in this lotion.

Store it in a bottle. Apply this lotion around your eyes (on dark circle) and take iron rich diet CLICK HERE TO READ MY PAST ARTICLE FOR DARK CIRCLE REMOVE FOODS.
Use this lotion within 7 days after that make fresh lotion.
You are wonder to see result in 30 day.

Recent studies show that coconut oil is also helpful for removing dark circle watch this you-tube video for details:-

Tell your true experience in comments for encouraging others.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010


1. Bipolar disorder is also known as manic-depressive disorder this is a mood disorder and not a disease this is a disorder because there is no any universal physiological test to confirm the disorder.
2. Actually this disorder occurs by depression and wrong life style.uses of drugs , alcohal etc also cause the problem
3. So first of all change your life style stop drinking alcohol, tea, coffee…and tobacco, cocaine products if you are unable to stop drinking and tobacco products then try to reduce quantity gradually.
4. Also stop net suffering for lot of time , delete all of your social networking accounts if you are suffer from bipolar disorder go outside like park, museum, church, temple for entertainment remember net suffering for entertainment may increase your bipolar disorder.
5. Take divya-medha bati 2-2 tablets daily with consult of vaidh (ayurvedic doctor) and do not stop your allopathic medicine at once...reduce quantity of allopathic medicine gradually when you follow this program. If medha bati is not available and you not want to take any ayurvedic medicine then no problem you can avoid this point.
6. When you travel, when you sleep, when you free try to set your fingers in dhayan mudra or gyan mudra as shown in image. Dhayan mudra and gyan mudra is ancient Indian knowledge that nerve of these fingers related with right and left lobs of mind and treat all mental disorders, B.P etc and give you a sound sleep without any oral medicine.
Gyan mudra is strongly recommended for bipolar disorder.
7. Chanting gaytri mantra mentally during the routine work “om bhur bhava sava tat savitur varenyam bhargo devasya dhimhi dhiyo yona prchodyat “search you tube for gaytri mantra to listen clear pronunciation of gaytri mantra.
8. Finally take 5-5 minutes meditation at morning and evening sit down on a blanket and close your eye see set your finger in gyan mudra see your breath mentally and repeat gayatri mantra ..Done it 5-5 minutes and see the result.
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Saturday, November 13, 2010


Human growth hormone “Somatotropin” is responsible for height increase. Somatotropin is a protein base hormone. This hormone stimulates growth (height) by cell reproduction and regeneration.So I think you may understand this simple science that “food with high density of protein is automatic increase your height if you done proper meditation or acupressure for height increase.

List of high protein foods who contain essential amino acids for somatotropin: - suppose you read above 2 articles for height increase mediation and height increase acupressure and not to eat protein base foods then it is impossible to create growth hormone somatotropin by pituitary gland because human growth hormone is a peptide base hormone and protein foods is essential requirement for secretion and creation of growth hormone.So use lentils in your daily food specially “chickpea (bengalgram)” have essentials amino acids for growth hormone. there are 2 type of chickpea available in market first black (desi channa) and second white (kabuli channa) , use black chickpea for height increase benefit.
Second eat cheese containing foods because cheese also contains essential amino acids for height increase.Avoid non vegetarian foods and eggs because I believe (not scientifically proven) that protein of non vegetarians foods and eggs increase level of Growth hormone-inhibiting hormone somatostatin that inhibits secretion of somatotropin.
For more details you can read my book How I increase my height without any oral medicine. (POPATI:THE ALTERNATIVE CURE)
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


In this blog I read few articles on stammering so I received many mails and comments for stammering mantra so today I tell you a full working stammering mantra called vani mantra. Chanting this mantra 3 times daily at evening when sun is set but darkness of night not start. This mantra takes 7 day to show his effect.
This is the mantra
“Narayanam namskartya naram chev notamam devi sarsavati vyasam tato vani mudiryet”

And as you knew my style that I never told success story …try this mantra and if you find it is work then write your own success story in comments of this article.
I think 7 day is not a long period I wait your comments and sure that they are positive.


Friday, October 22, 2010


If you are interested to read online free .pdf yoga magzine of baba ramdev. Than you are in right place I give you free download link for yog sandesh LATEST issue
So click following link and enjoy your free copy of yog sandesh latest issue in hindi and english

when you open this link scroll this page to downside where you see 2 image of yog sandesh in uper side of these images links for english and hindi free download is availble

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Thursday, October 14, 2010



Psoriasis is a skin problem and unfortunately allopathic have no any cure for psoriasis but in India baba ramdev treat many psoriasis patients. So I give a brief idea of baba ramdev medicine for psoriasis but please consult your nearest patanjali yog chikitsalya or ayurvedic doctor because I am not a doctor and not authorized to prescribe medicine.
Here are baba ramdev ( patanjali chikitsalyas ) medicines for psoriasis
1. Take divya kayakalpa quath ( boil 1 teaspoonful in 400 ml water and sieve it when 100 ml remains) twice daily but it may cause dysentery in some case so if this happen please discontinue this quath and take other formulations like kayakalpa bati.
2. Also take 2-2 tablet divya- kayakalpa bati and keshor guglu twice daily.
3. Take divya- arogyavardhini bati 1-1 tablet twice daily
4. Take divya- mahamajistharista 4-4 teaspoonful twice daily
5. Apply divya- kayakalpa oil on effective skin
6. Take this ayurvedic medicine:-
Divya-rasa manikya 1 gm
Divya-praval pisti 10 gm
Divya-amrita satva 10 gm
Divya- tal sindura 1 gm
Mix it and divided into to 60 dosages take 1-1 dosages twice daily

7. anuloma viloma pranayama is an effective tool for psoriasis because it purifies blood with oxygen and automatic treat effected skin cells so 20-20 minute anuloma viloma pranayama twice daily. If you feel uneasy to take herbal medicine or baba ramdev medicine not available for you then try only anuloma viloma pranayama 20-20 minutes twice daily because I treat my eczema only with pranayama without any medicine read this story at
8. please remember author is not a doctor and patanjali chikitsalya member so please consult your doctor and patanjli chikitsalya before use it.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010


hello sir i need your help my brother is suffering from piles. today he got excess of bleed and now wound is form he is not able to walk even so prescribe any medicines for him thank u-ask by amandeep singh by e mail
1. First of all use allopathic medicine tablet:-cadisper-C twice daily with consult of your doctor for stop bleeding, remember I am not authorized to prescribe allopathic medicine so please use any blood stopping medicine like cadisper c with consult of your doctor only. This is taken first 3 day for stop blooding.
2. If you want avoid allopathic medicine for stop bleeding in hemorrhoids or piles then there are 2 simple baba ramdev tips for it first: - take one glass Luke warm cow milk and pour a Lemmon in this milk then intake it immediately. (It is stopping bleeding from piles) second: - take some coconut hair and burn it. This coconut hair ash take1/2 teaspoonful twice daily with water also stops bleeding from piles or hemorrhoids. ( both of tips are given by swami ramdev ji in her yoga camps these tips are use once or twice only for stop bleeding those have badi piles means hemorrhoids without bleeding they can skip this point)
3. Now use piles removal mantra this mantra is very effective “CLICK HERE TO READ THIS PILES OR HEMORRHOIDS MANTRA “in this mantra article I also give some more points to get rid piles so use them also.
4. Use 2-2 “DIVYA-ARSHAKALPA BATI “(twice daily).it is very effective medicine with various herbs of khunee or badi bavasir or piles hemorrhoids cure.
5. Use divya-uderkalpa churna at night for constipation.
6. I think if your brother take this package with faith then he may get relief and cure in 30-60 day of continue use of mantra and arshkalpa bati only

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Akasha Mudra for osteoporosis otitis media etc.

Today we told you about akasha mudra
1. Touch the tip of the middle finger with that of the thumb.
2. Keep the other fingers straight.
3. One can practice this Mudra for 5-20 minutes as per the requirement.
4. Regular practice of this Mudra provides proper nutrition to the bones and
Strengthens them. And cure your osteoporosis, it increase calcium in bones from your diet.
5. Those suffering from cardiac problems are tremendously benefited
As well.

6. It is useful in alleviating diseases of the ear too. It will cure otitis media and pus from year also. Some people reports that they cure there deafness by this mudra
7. Practice of this Mudra while yawning and
During hiccups prevents problems of lockjaw.

8. So avail the benefit of Indian ancient knowledge and make your comments if it works

Monday, August 30, 2010


To day hyperacidity is very general problem most of people take spicy and fast foods and then they edict of hyper acidity medicine like pantoprazole D SR rabeprazole etc. so today I told you very simple formula that stop your pantoprazole or rabeprazole etc.
touch your tongue with your hard palate and closed your mouth doing this as long as possible and many times a day.
This formula is recommended by asaram bapu ji to his devotee for making concentration in math’s study but one of his devotees try it and find that her acidity will cure 100 % by this formula, if you understand Hindi then read her experience in following link
After that I recommended it for acidity patients and find it 100 % true.
when you touch your tongue with hard palate then it will create huge amount of saliva in your mouth and continue swallowing of this saliva which alkali in nature automatic cure your hyper acidy.
2. this mudra (posture) will maintain your concentration of mind as it recommended for math’s learning by bapu ji and acidity is related to mental tension so it reduce mental tension and cure acidity permanently
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Friday, August 20, 2010


In allopathic warts have no treatment and it is say that wart causes by a virus and if you disturb it with any chemical then it is convert in to cancer.
But in India we often see then if any one body has warts and his prayer to goddess durga then wart is remove in a sudden way.
If you have any true story about these holistic treatment of warts and genital wart then please refer it on comments.
In hanuman garh town (ditt. Hanumangarh Rajasthan) one holistic palace called shila Mata, or shila peer there are one large stone plate of 6' x 2.5' x 2' size and some “kuran sharif aayats”is written on it. The Hindus call this Shila Mata and Muslims call it Shila PeerThis place is a divine place both for Hindus and Muslims in hanumangargh town and it is believe that at Thursday if any one wash this shila ( the divine stone plate)with raw milk and salt and apply this raw milk and salt on warts then his warts gone away.
The Hindus and Sikhs call this divine stone Shila Mata and Muslims call it Shila Peer.
So we give you 2 wart treatment first it is homeopathy treatment for warts and genital warts second it is spiritual treatment.
1. famous homeopathic medicine thuja 200 is a successful medicine for warts and genital warts call your homeopathic doctor for more detail and uses about thuja 200 please do not ask me about use method of this medicine because I am not a doctor but if you take this with consult of your homeo doctor then taking of thuja 200 in alternate day may dissolve warts in 15-30 day.
2. If it is possible go to hanumangarh town dist Rajasthan for washing holy stone with milk and salt at Thursday. If it is not possible then god is every where try to apply milk and salt on warts at every Thursday with prayer of “o holy shila Mata (Muslims use word peer instead of Mata) I am unable to present physically at your place but you are the power of god which present anywhere please remove my warts” I think it is take maximum 7 Thursday to dry up your warts and it is gone away. (a image of holy shila mata hanumangarh town is given in this blog post)
People who use this method please give your experience in comments for help of other.
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Monday, August 9, 2010


In our medical science it is say that stammering or stuttering is incurable disease. They make situation worst because they insert this comments on stutter unconscious mind. I make a 3 step easy self help free program for help of stammer and stutter, read it carefully step by step and tell us your progress in comments.

in these part we discuss about stammering medicine like stramonium IM in homeopathy and shank bhasma in ayurveda I think it is essential to take both medicine in under advice of your doctor if your stammering percentage is very high ( above 50 %)
2. Read first step details in this link carefully
3. I think you may understand that only reading is not sufficient to cure you, It will take time and efforts if you have no time and you want to find any quick magic for stammering than this article is not for you.
4. SECOND STEP: - in
first step we try to cure your hardware problem (sorry to use computer language but it is define better that stammering occurs due to body default (I call hardware problem) and spiritual or mental approach (I call software problem) in this part I disclose mantra of mercury (lord ganesh) for treat spiritual problem and meditation for change mental approach.
5. Read second step details in this link carefully
6. after the reading of both steps I think finalize it with third step.
trick given in third step is an essential part to treat stuttering or stammering either it hardware defect ( nerve defect ) or software defect ( spiritual or mental approach defect) it is must to practice anuloma viloma pranayama at least 6 months daily to find fine result
8. Read details of third step in this link
9. Finally remember I am not a doctor so please read warning on this blog or ask your doctor for advice; always ask professionals before follow any tip on this blog
10. Best of luck

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Sunday, July 18, 2010


your stammering solution is very easy in my method but if you have not time and you think only reading of this article get read with your stammering problem than this article is not for you.
It require 20 minutes dedicated work per day from you at least 6 months or lifelong to remove you’re stammering.
ASI DESCRIBE MY EARLIER ARTICLES ABOUT STAMMERING that main cause of stammering is imbalance of right and left lobs of mind and one could make balance of these lobs by pranayama.
This is the updated version of my old article where i write that 20 minute per day anulom viloma completely cure stammering but my blog followers and volunteer report that if they do pranayama with breath holding that their fluency increased but anulom vilom have no effect on fluency. 
Read this new research on stuttering at this link

Sunday, July 11, 2010


* I think you knew that height depended on pituitary gland hormone so every day takes a simple 5 minutes meditation on pituitary gland. Pituitary gland is located in the center of the skull, just behind the bridge of the nose, is about the size of a pea. The method of meditation is close your eyes and take all your concentration on pituitary gland part. And think this part is stimulated and work more effectively. You see magic effect of this meditation after 2-3 months. Hundreds of followers find it result very good so try it and increase your height such a magic but scientific way.
I describe above meditation my former article “ how to increase your height no pills no hormonal treatment “ on this blog if you are new and not read this first of all read this on following link

* In above article one of my reader “ Kevin bussooa “ want to knew more details and more easy method so I write a 21 day practical program for doing this meditation.
* Age no bar in my method but below 21 get optimized result soon.* some of my reader ask me about true success story about this meditation because they have no faith and they want to improve there faith through this success story.
* In my method I invite you to follow this method at least 21 day after that write your success story in comments because if I write some success stories then you think I tell you lie so your negative and positive comments is my success and unsuccessful stories.

* 1 DAY:- Please stand at corner of a room and ask someone to mark your height on corner wall with help of marker pen. Do not use tape to mapping your height this is right method of height marking.

We again mark it after 21 day now start meditation
Take a white drawing paper make a black pencil point on tag this paper on a wall , sit against this paper and see the point without eye blinking.(.if tears came then you blink eye ) repeat OM mantra in your mind and see the point with open eye until this point disappear ( it will disappear in 1-3 minutes of practice )

*2-4th day:- repeat above practice.
*5th day:- make a circle around the point ( very small radius circle ) repeat 1 day method until point and circle both are disable and you see green- yellow light on paper ( it will take 3-6 minutes)
*6-7th day:- repeat above practice
* 8th day:- make one another circle ( size of points and 2 circle is not more then a pea) see it with open eye until it disappear if not disappear in 5 minutes pros pond practice for next day
*9-15th day:- try to disappear above 1point and 2 circle around it with yellow green light flame which you see on paper

* 16th day:- after 5 minutes practice on open eye close your eye now you see a green-yellow ( like golden ) pea size point in closed eye suppose this is your pituitary gland and you ordered mentally this gland for more height increasing hormone secretion see it by your inner eye until it disappear

*17-21st day:- repeat 16 the day practice*end of 21st day:- again stand at corner of a room and ask someone to mark your height on corner wall with help of marker pen. Are you note any difference ? tell your true story in comments
Second more popular method:- You may simply meditate on following diagram:-

For more details see this you Tube Video:-

If you like this method and want to learn full method then you may  buy my book :-
How I increase my height without any oral medicine. (POPATI:THE ALTERNATIVE CURE)
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Saturday, July 3, 2010


1. it is true that in ayurvedic and homeopathic there is successful treatment of uterine fibroids. So if one can follow these therapy with faith then she have no need to operate.
2. in ayurveda “ kanchnar gugal “ is a best remedy for uterine fibroids . take 2-2 tablets of divya-kachnar gugal after meals with Luke warm water. It will take 3-6 month to dissolve all uterine fibroids based on size of fibroids. ( take medicine after consult of ayurvedic doctor)
3. also done 10 minutes kapal bhati pranayama as shown on this you tube video link
Done this pranayama only with empty stomach and avoid kapal bhati in period days
4. also use homeopathic medicine calcarea fluorica 200 in alternate days and lapis alba IM once a week, with consult of your homeopathic doctor.
5. in point 2 I suggest only kachnar gugal but baba ramdev suggest kachnar gugal + divya vardhibadhika tablet+ divya sila sindur for fast result consult patanjali yogpeeth doctors about these but only kachnar gugal also show good result.
6. you can run both therapy ( ayurvedic and homeopathic) with consult of your doctor
7. blog owner is not a doctor so please do not take any medicine without consult of doctor.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Sometimes simple things work very fast and there result is very good and we do not believe these simple formulas. As you knew I am not a doctor but on behalf of my simple formulas that working really , every day 100 of people in my office and in market discuss with me about there problems.
Today I told you a very fast and very simple formula to treat acne in 7 days without any oral medicine. Please do not ignore it on behalf of it simplicity first try it for 7 day then make your comments on this post.
I write this formula especially for those girls whose marriage is arranged soon.

every night wash your face with any mild or herbal soap and allow it to dry. Take nycil classic prickly heat powder and apply some large quantity on your face ( do not be afraid it is night and no one laugh to see your white face like a female ghost , because you are going to sleep now).

In morning after your bath not use any cream not use any scented telcom powder , only use simple quantity of nycil classic on your face ( in morning do not apply it like a ghost because we want to avoid people laugh).
Apply this method 7 day only. In this 7 day not to use any tropical solution cream other powder faces washes bleach etc.
Check the difference feel the power of this magic formula write your experience in comments for faith of other readers.

always make a skin allergy test before use any medicated formula like nycil, author is not a doctor and not liable for any skin allergy due to this formula read warning on this site before use. Please consult your doctor before use it.

nycil classic prickly heat powder have 51 % starch which absorbs oil and sweat from your face and keep your skin dry I think you knew that oily skin is main cause of acne (pimples).
2nd it contains CHLORPHENESIN which work as an antibiotic and anti fungal agent and treat your acne infection
3rd it contains Zink oxide which heal your skin so overall it makes magic effect on acne.

read my former article about acne on following link for other treatment of pimples
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Sunday, May 30, 2010


Mr. Chandra ask me alternative treatment for enlarge prostate(Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia). So in this article I told you some alternative methods for get rid your enlarge prostate problem.
1. Take divya:-chandrprbha bati 2-2 tablet twice daily with I galas of hot water( with consult of doctor)
2. In this blog we shown acupressure points for enlarge prostate. Pressure these points ( which shown in image as black circle) 5-5 minutes twice daily.
3. Use homeopathic medicine Chimaphilla umbellate 30 with consult of your doctor. ( Homeopathic treatment is based on symptoms so match your various symptoms at this link
4. Done a simple exercise daily with empty stomach. Shrink up your anus and leave it again shrink up your anus and leave it……….done it 20 times daily.
5. If you take chandrprabha bati, acupressure, shrink-release anus exercise with symptoms base homeo medicine your prostate may cure without operation in 3 months you may feel results in first 2-3 days.

Key words:_ homeopathic medicine for enlarge prostate baba ramdev treatment for prostate alternative treatment for prostate ayurvedic yunani medicine enlarge prostate.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hi Kaushikji
Can u helps me??
What is the best Divya (Ramdev) product for Arthritis??
Any other recommendations for the above to problem?
Thanks a lot


1. Chandra ji I think divya-tryodashang gugale + divya yograj gugale is best remedy for arthritis.
2. In above 2 medicine divya-tryodashang gugale is more effective because in ayurveda it is say tryodashang gugale have capacity to able handicapped for walking.
3. divya-alovira juice also given in arthritis.
4. For complete relief it is must to taken 2-2 tablet of these medicines with divya-maharasnadi kwath at least 6 months without forgetting a day. Also take complete pranayama package.
5. for external massage make a simple oil at home (it is not available in market)
but in my experience I found it very good and very effective and one patient treat himself with this oil without taking any inner medicine. so do not doubt on simplicity of this oil I think you must try this oil one time without inner medicine or with divya- tryodasang gugale only
Sesame oil 250 ml
Onion 100 gm
Garlic 100 gm
Parsley 100 gm
6. Boil parsley, cut piece of onion and garlic with 250 ml water for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes Mix one-one teaspoonful sesame oil while boiling. After mixing all oil boil it until all water is burn. Sieve it in a bottle.
7. Rub the oil at effected part every night.
8. you may also contact baba ramdev vaidh online phone number and mail ID for baba ramdev patanjli yogpitha is
Phone No: 01334- 240008
Fax No. : 01334-244805, 240664
E-mail :

or visit site of baba ramdev ji

Monday, May 3, 2010


1. Today I told you a magic remedy for diabetes control it is say that it will cure diabetes in 60 day of continue use but I use “control” word instead of “cure” but your comments help me to find realty of this tip.
2. This is a very simple remedy take 500 gm fresh bitter gourd (karela) cut it in piece and takes 50 gm of neem (Azadirachta indica) leaf. Juice out them with help of mixer grinder.

3. After sieve it you will find near about 100 ml juice. Then mix it with 100 ml mustard oil in a bottle. It will not dissolve properly so shake well before every uses. And store it in freeze (not freezer).
4. Every morning shake well this bottle and massage the mixer on your whole body skin before bath. After massage wait 45 minutes to bath. In this 45 minutes take simple exercise.
5. After 21 day of uses check your diabetes. You may wonder it is normal.
6. If you take insulin or other medicine consult your doctor before discontinue medicine or reduce doze.
7. How it is work: - there are millions of pours in our skin. This oil+ bitter gourd juice is absorbed by this pours and reduce your sugar.
8. This tip is search by inner inspiration of shri asharam bapu ji read similar tips of shri bapu ji on following link in Hindi

9. after 7 day regular use of this oil your body is resistant for mosquito bites so it will prevent you from mosquito without any coils or liquid.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Kaushik Ji,
I have Lump in my two breasts, Reason for that is after my first delivery I didn't remove my milk from my breast.
In the time of my Periods (Menses time) the lump is very small, then it grows... one again it goes very small after the next period’s time...
Before my Periods my two breasts get pain... I so afraid to go to Dr and any Radial Treatment. Please give me Mudra or any Natural Treatment to get out of My Breast Problem... I don't know whether it is Cancer or not... but I want to come out of this problem please help me...
Thanks a lot...
Kind Regards,

1. First of all I told you my legal obligation that you must visit your doctor. Because I am not a doctor so please consult your doctor before follow any of my tip.
2. In your case I think it is not a cancer because cancer is not reduce after it growth of lumps is related with your menstruation cycle so I think it is related with female hormone. But again told you that must check your doctor because if it cancer than in early stage surgical treatment is possible.
3. In aayurveda castor oil (arandi seeds oil) massage is a good remedy to dissolve milk lumps in breast. So take some castor oil and massage gently on breast at twice a day. But do not check lumps (glands) so many time because most often touch in lumps may increase there growth.
4. Take ayurvedic tablet “divya-kachnar gugale” 2-2 tablet twice daily with consult of doctor. It available at all baba ramdev stores in India or abroad. It is a good medicine to treat naturally all type of lumps and glands (ganth) in any part of body.
5. To rebalance your female hormone take “divya- estari rasayan bati” 2-2 tablet twice daily.
6. I think in one month of above treatment your problem may solve but read disclaimers in this site and consult your doctor before use any medicine.
key words:_- baba ramdev treatment of breast lumps gland ganth ghanth of breast stan me ganth natural treatment breast

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I write an article on this blog “ treat your stammering without voice therapy” I receive huge response and more than 500 e mails from stammers including many query about various issues given in this article.So I decide to write part 2 of this article to explain issues of part 1If you are new and come first time on this blog than I advice you that read part 1 of this article before reading this part 2.CLICK HERE TO READ MY FORMER ARTICLE “TREAT YOUR STAMMERING WITHOUT VOICE THERAPY

1. The mantra for cure stammering :- This is the mantra of mercury planet which is not copyrighted and publishes on my Hindi blog is work. This mantra is “om najgiksh swami om najgajikshswami” (2 repetitions called one mantra) najgajiksh swami is a name of lord ganesha the founder of mercury planet ).2. I again told you pronunciation or particular mantra is not important only your faith and surrender against god is main so first surrender mentally to lord ganesha and say him that I remember you whole day during the work but please stop voice effect of mercury due to my bad karma of later birth (you may convert prayer in your own language.)3. After that repeat om ganeshaya namh mentally during the whole day with doing any other work... no restriction you may repeat this mantra mentally in bathroom also... because for mentally repetition without mala no bane of holistic condition. Try it only for 3 day if it work you may continue (I found it much better and 85 % reader of my hindidugdugi (my other blog) told me that it is work.
4. If you are left handed than first read these research reports before we continue
Research report 1
Report 2
Report 3
After reading of these articles you may understand that problem is not in your tongue it is in your brain and baba ramdev anuloma viloma pranayama is best neurological exercise which maintain co-operation of your right and left hemisphere of mind also supply more oxygen to brain and may regenerate dead or problem creating brain cells as baba ramdev says.5. if you are right handed and stammer or stutter than anuloma viloma is also help you because it make a co-operation with body or brain speech centre of right of left lobs of brain so must be done it 20 minutes every day in cycle of 5-5-5-5 minutes means done 5 minutes after your first tea, done 5 minutes before your lunch, 5 minutes in evening before dinner and 5 minutes at bed time.6. I request you treat anuloma viloma is as a medicine and take proper doze as recommended in point 5 it is able to cure your stammering and stuttering very fast if you done it with faith and regularity .7. search a youtube video of baba ramdev anuloma viloma for right way of anuloma viloma done anuloma viloma in slow speed ( breath deep but without pressure and hurry)8. print a copy of photo shown in this blog post and try to meditation in white part of this picture without blinking of your eye when your eye start watering than postponed it for next day after practice of some day your brain speech center will start work properly and your stammering is going away. Try this method along with mantra and anuloma viloma for fast curing this method is called tratka method.

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1. To make prithavi mudra, fold the ring finger and join its tip with the thumb with a little pressure. Keep other fingers straight as shown in done with both hands minimum 10 minutes and maximum 30 minutes daily to avail benefits of this mudra.3. You may done in in divided times of 10-10 minutes but remember minimum 10 minutes is must.4. Prithavi mudra increase strength of body and spiritual power (it done by nath yogi to wake up there kundalini power).5. It improves inner peace of mind.6. Prithavi mudra revitalizes you and cures weakness of the body, leanness and removes feeling of fatigueless.7. Prithavi mudra cure iron and mineral deficiency so we recommended it for body development, breast development in woman (man do not worry it develop abs in man not breast), black circle around eye, increase patience and power of tolerance.
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1. In this article I told you about a wonderful magic herb on earth it called giloy or amtita means nectar.
2. As per Hindu methodology once upon a time devta (angels) and asur (daemon) done a scientific research on sea and they found a pot of nectar (amrita) in there research. Then daemon (asur) runs away with pot of nectar. Then some drops of nectar is Scattered on earth. After some time these drops of nectar is convert in to a big climber (glabrous) called giloy or guduchi or Tinospora cordifolia (BOTONICAL NAME)?
3. You see some picture of giloy in this article for your Identification.
4. this herb tinospora Contains alkaloid like Berberine and a glucosoid like Giloin in there chemical extract it is a very strong herbal antibiotic and kill gram positive and negative bacteria like e.colai and mycobacterium tuberculosis in any part of body.

5. This herb is recommended by Yoga Guru Swami Baba Ramdev ji in preventing swine flu that has been declared epidemic world wide. They say if one can take fresh juice of giloy with tulsi then his immune power is up and prevent him from swine flu or other bacterial or viral infection.
6. I give you Sanskrit and local name of tinospora for your Identification. Guduchi, Amrita, Chinnaruha, , Tantrika, Kundalini, Chakralakshanika , Madhuparni Vatsadaani Giloya, Guduchi (Hindi), Gulancha(Bengali), Shindilakodi (Tamil), Galo (Gujarati),Amrita balli(kannada) Tippaatigo (Telugu), Gulavel (Marathi),.
7. In my office a patwari (land surveyor )is suffering from diabetes he take fresh giloy juice 1 glass daily and get complete rid from his diabetes. His age is 50+ but I see after taking of giloy his 75 percent hair is change in black color. After this direct magic I attract to research about giloy. He did not take any allopathic medicine of diabetes take only giloy (tinospora) juice and his blood sugar are reducing 130 from 280.

8. it also up your R.B.C and W.B.C. or platelets count so baba ramdev use tinospora juice with wheat grass juice to treat blood cancer.
9. other use of giloy is generalized weakness , acidity, dyspepsia, jaundice, hepatic fibrosis, peritonitis and sepsis pyrexias of unknown origin (fevers), oedema and arthritis, gannoria , cancer, STD, asthma, allergy etc.
10. So we compare giloy with nectar (amrita) which has anti bacterial, anti viral and anti allergic ability if fresh giloy is not available for you then you may use divya-giloy satva or divya-giloya ghan bati from any baba ramdev or patanjli store I think giloya ghan bati is more effective if we compare it from giloya satva.

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Herbal Sex Power Booster

Respected readers,
I think sex power is a gift of god. I believe in monastic celibacy for save your spiritual power. 
If any one uses sex power less frequently than he /she up his spiritual power automatically. 
So this herbal sex power booster is not for those who use it as an enjoyment tool. This article is dedicated for those who feel impotency and there married life is near to broken due to impotency.
1. This is a very simple formula and in my personal experience I think this is more powerful and harmless if we compare it to Viagra.

2. Do not ignore it due to his simplicity try it then make your comments to success or insuccess of this formula. Do not waste your money in costly harmful medicine when this simple formula is available in ayurveda.

3. Here is the ancient formula of herbal sex power booster:-

Amla (Indian gooseberry) powder 100 gm

Mishri (sugar) powder 100 gm

Mix it and store in an air tight container. 
Take one teaspoon with water at evening and after two hour of taking this mixture take one glass malt milk.
(malt milk means milk with 1 teaspoon bournvita, horlicks, complain, boost etc malt product if these malt products is unavailable then use 1 teaspoon barley powder in milk as malt, remember malt milk is necessary part of this remedy so not use common milk without malt instead of malt milk). 
After 3 day use one can feel very sexual hunger (more libido) and I recommended that use it in controlled manner  with your life partner only. 
If you control this hunger it will convert in spiritual power.
5. Read My former article “improve your sex power naturally” on following link

I wait your comments about this trick.
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