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Cure Hypothyroidism by Yoga, Bees Mantra and Alternative Herbal Medicines.

Natural tips for cure Thyroid Problems:-
1. Make an herbal Ayurvedic medicine at home this medicine is told by baba ramdev in his yoga camps and book “aoushad darsna”Trikatu churna 50 gm(You make trikatu churna my mix dry ginger, long pepper, black pepper in equal quantity and grind it to make powder or buy it at baba ramdev stores)Bahera churna (belliric myrobalan powder) 20 gm
(Bahera is a famous herb found at all herbal stores and ayurvedic store)Divya- praval pisti 10 gmMix above 3 ingredients and take ½ teaspoonful mix with honey at morning when empty stomach.
2. Acupressure 5 minutes your both hand thyroid points thyroids point is found below your thumb at shown in picture.
3. Done baba ramdev kapal bhati and anulom viloma pranayama each for 15-15 minutes daily to cure hypothyroidism.
4. Take homeopathic medicine Thyrodiniumn 30C 3 times a day. (For 15 days only)
5. Avoid day sleeping strictly because in 99 percent cases of hypothyroidism patient have a habit of day sleeping. And day sleeping is man cause of hypothyroidisms because it disturbs your thyroid gland work. If you only avoid day sleeping your 75 percent problem of thyroid cure automatically within 30 days.

6. Avoid lie in your every day life because in yoga thyroid
problem is caused by imbalance of vishuddhi chakra which situated in throat and vishuddhi chakra related emotion is " Truth" so when you speak lie then your vishuddhi chakra got imbalance which known as Thyroid in modern medical science.

7. Mantra for Hypothyroidism or Thyroid problem:- Bees mantra for hypothyroidism or thyroid problems is " Om Ham Namah" Chanting this bees mantra 108 time daily may cure your thyroid problem see this youtube video for proper pronunciation of this bees mantra

Or Read my Hindi post on this issue here

If you understand Hindi then this Hindi video is also help-full

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