Thursday, August 20, 2015

Warm Water Miracle: Treat your Asthma Allergy , Cold and Cough

Today I tell you a free miracle remedy for cold cough allergy and asthma problems.

Before we continue I want to tell you that how I invent this miracle treatment for treating cold cough and asthma. 
About 5 year ago my 4 year old son severely face cough and asthma attacks.
He face these cough attacks near about every night so we cannot able to sleep and we visit to many doctors but all of my doctors treat my child with anti asthmatic treatments, antibiotics, cough and cold tablets etc.. 
Then I try baba ramdev treatment for allergy and asthma , this treatment will help 70 to 80 % but after stopping this treatment symptoms are occur again. See my earlier article about detail of this herbal treatment
Finally one day I go to my spiritual teacher (guru) and ask him about my child problem. 
My guruji is simply laugh and say “ Give him warm water only"
This mean whenever he feel thirsty I give him warm water only. ( Warm means lukewarm water , boil the water and then allow it cool till lukewarm temperature is come) 
So I start giving him this treatment and I wonder to see the result my child is free from asthma within 2-3 days of this treatment.  
( and after continue use of 10 days we give him normal water but whenever we feel that allergy symptoms occurs again then we again start warm water therapy for next 10 days so after these 4-5 cycle of 10-10 day warm water therapy now my son is free from any allergy)
What is the logic behind this:- In India during rainy session Jain religious are drink only lukewarm water  because ancient Jain monks are knew very well that warm water stimulate respiratory,digestive and immune system. 
 Chemistry students knew that if a substance is not soluble in cold water then it may be soluble in warm water so warm water have 500 % more solubility then normal temperature water 
so if we take lukewarm water then this warm water dissolve minerals and vitamins from our food and overall we got a healthy immune and respiratory system. 
Try this today and tell your experience in comments. 
Special notes:- If you avoid sweets, sugar, potato, rice, tomato and onion from your food then you may get more quick benefit from this therapy, because these food increase yeast in your intestine and recent studies show that intestinal yeast or candida is main cause of allergy . warm water stimulate good intestinal flora growth so these good flora control overgrowth of yeast so this is the possible reason behind this warm water therapy.
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