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* I think you knew that height depended on pituitary gland hormone so every day takes a simple 5 minutes meditation on pituitary gland. Pituitary gland is located in the center of the skull, just behind the bridge of the nose, is about the size of a pea. The method of meditation is close your eyes and take all your concentration on pituitary gland part. And think this part is stimulated and work more effectively. You see magic effect of this meditation after 2-3 months. Hundreds of followers find it result very good so try it and increase your height such a magic but scientific way.
I describe above meditation my former article “ how to increase your height no pills no hormonal treatment “ on this blog if you are new and not read this first of all read this on following link

* In above article one of my reader “ Kevin bussooa “ want to knew more details and more easy method so I write a 21 day practical program for doing this meditation.
* Age no bar in my method but below 21 get optimized result soon.* some of my reader ask me about true success story about this meditation because they have no faith and they want to improve there faith through this success story.
* In my method I invite you to follow this method at least 21 day after that write your success story in comments because if I write some success stories then you think I tell you lie so your negative and positive comments is my success and unsuccessful stories.

* 1 DAY:- Please stand at corner of a room and ask someone to mark your height on corner wall with help of marker pen. Do not use tape to mapping your height this is right method of height marking.

We again mark it after 21 day now start meditation
Take a white drawing paper make a black pencil point on tag this paper on a wall , sit against this paper and see the point without eye blinking.(.if tears came then you blink eye ) repeat OM mantra in your mind and see the point with open eye until this point disappear ( it will disappear in 1-3 minutes of practice )

*2-4th day:- repeat above practice.
*5th day:- make a circle around the point ( very small radius circle ) repeat 1 day method until point and circle both are disable and you see green- yellow light on paper ( it will take 3-6 minutes)
*6-7th day:- repeat above practice
* 8th day:- make one another circle ( size of points and 2 circle is not more then a pea) see it with open eye until it disappear if not disappear in 5 minutes pros pond practice for next day
*9-15th day:- try to disappear above 1point and 2 circle around it with yellow green light flame which you see on paper

* 16th day:- after 5 minutes practice on open eye close your eye now you see a green-yellow ( like golden ) pea size point in closed eye suppose this is your pituitary gland and you ordered mentally this gland for more height increasing hormone secretion see it by your inner eye until it disappear

*17-21st day:- repeat 16 the day practice*end of 21st day:- again stand at corner of a room and ask someone to mark your height on corner wall with help of marker pen. Are you note any difference ? tell your true story in comments
Second more popular method:- You may simply meditate on following diagram:-

For more details see this you Tube Video:-

If you like this method and want to learn full method then you may  buy my book :-
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