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I write an article on this blog “ treat your stammering without voice therapy” I receive huge response and more than 500 e mails from stammers including many query about various issues given in this article.So I decide to write part 2 of this article to explain issues of part 1If you are new and come first time on this blog than I advice you that read part 1 of this article before reading this part 2.CLICK HERE TO READ MY FORMER ARTICLE “TREAT YOUR STAMMERING WITHOUT VOICE THERAPY

1. The mantra for cure stammering :- This is the mantra of mercury planet which is not copyrighted and publishes on my Hindi blog is work. This mantra is “om najgiksh swami om najgajikshswami” (2 repetitions called one mantra) najgajiksh swami is a name of lord ganesha the founder of mercury planet ).2. I again told you pronunciation or particular mantra is not important only your faith and surrender against god is main so first surrender mentally to lord ganesha and say him that I remember you whole day during the work but please stop voice effect of mercury due to my bad karma of later birth (you may convert prayer in your own language.)3. After that repeat om ganeshaya namh mentally during the whole day with doing any other work... no restriction you may repeat this mantra mentally in bathroom also... because for mentally repetition without mala no bane of holistic condition. Try it only for 3 day if it work you may continue (I found it much better and 85 % reader of my hindidugdugi (my other blog) told me that it is work.
4. If you are left handed than first read these research reports before we continue
Research report 1
Report 2
Report 3
After reading of these articles you may understand that problem is not in your tongue it is in your brain and baba ramdev anuloma viloma pranayama is best neurological exercise which maintain co-operation of your right and left hemisphere of mind also supply more oxygen to brain and may regenerate dead or problem creating brain cells as baba ramdev says.5. if you are right handed and stammer or stutter than anuloma viloma is also help you because it make a co-operation with body or brain speech centre of right of left lobs of brain so must be done it 20 minutes every day in cycle of 5-5-5-5 minutes means done 5 minutes after your first tea, done 5 minutes before your lunch, 5 minutes in evening before dinner and 5 minutes at bed time.6. I request you treat anuloma viloma is as a medicine and take proper doze as recommended in point 5 it is able to cure your stammering and stuttering very fast if you done it with faith and regularity .7. search a youtube video of baba ramdev anuloma viloma for right way of anuloma viloma done anuloma viloma in slow speed ( breath deep but without pressure and hurry)8. print a copy of photo shown in this blog post and try to meditation in white part of this picture without blinking of your eye when your eye start watering than postponed it for next day after practice of some day your brain speech center will start work properly and your stammering is going away. Try this method along with mantra and anuloma viloma for fast curing this method is called tratka method.

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Sunday, March 7, 2010


1. To make prithavi mudra, fold the ring finger and join its tip with the thumb with a little pressure. Keep other fingers straight as shown in done with both hands minimum 10 minutes and maximum 30 minutes daily to avail benefits of this mudra.3. You may done in in divided times of 10-10 minutes but remember minimum 10 minutes is must.4. Prithavi mudra increase strength of body and spiritual power (it done by nath yogi to wake up there kundalini power).5. It improves inner peace of mind.6. Prithavi mudra revitalizes you and cures weakness of the body, leanness and removes feeling of fatigueless.7. Prithavi mudra cure iron and mineral deficiency so we recommended it for body development, breast development in woman (man do not worry it develop abs in man not breast), black circle around eye, increase patience and power of tolerance.
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Monday, March 1, 2010


1. In this article I told you about a wonderful magic herb on earth it called giloy or amtita means nectar.
2. As per Hindu methodology once upon a time devta (angels) and asur (daemon) done a scientific research on sea and they found a pot of nectar (amrita) in there research. Then daemon (asur) runs away with pot of nectar. Then some drops of nectar is Scattered on earth. After some time these drops of nectar is convert in to a big climber (glabrous) called giloy or guduchi or Tinospora cordifolia (BOTONICAL NAME)?
3. You see some picture of giloy in this article for your Identification.
4. this herb tinospora Contains alkaloid like Berberine and a glucosoid like Giloin in there chemical extract it is a very strong herbal antibiotic and kill gram positive and negative bacteria like e.colai and mycobacterium tuberculosis in any part of body.

5. This herb is recommended by Yoga Guru Swami Baba Ramdev ji in preventing swine flu that has been declared epidemic world wide. They say if one can take fresh juice of giloy with tulsi then his immune power is up and prevent him from swine flu or other bacterial or viral infection.
6. I give you Sanskrit and local name of tinospora for your Identification. Guduchi, Amrita, Chinnaruha, , Tantrika, Kundalini, Chakralakshanika , Madhuparni Vatsadaani Giloya, Guduchi (Hindi), Gulancha(Bengali), Shindilakodi (Tamil), Galo (Gujarati),Amrita balli(kannada) Tippaatigo (Telugu), Gulavel (Marathi),.
7. In my office a patwari (land surveyor )is suffering from diabetes he take fresh giloy juice 1 glass daily and get complete rid from his diabetes. His age is 50+ but I see after taking of giloy his 75 percent hair is change in black color. After this direct magic I attract to research about giloy. He did not take any allopathic medicine of diabetes take only giloy (tinospora) juice and his blood sugar are reducing 130 from 280.

8. it also up your R.B.C and W.B.C. or platelets count so baba ramdev use tinospora juice with wheat grass juice to treat blood cancer.
9. other use of giloy is generalized weakness , acidity, dyspepsia, jaundice, hepatic fibrosis, peritonitis and sepsis pyrexias of unknown origin (fevers), oedema and arthritis, gannoria , cancer, STD, asthma, allergy etc.
10. So we compare giloy with nectar (amrita) which has anti bacterial, anti viral and anti allergic ability if fresh giloy is not available for you then you may use divya-giloy satva or divya-giloya ghan bati from any baba ramdev or patanjli store I think giloya ghan bati is more effective if we compare it from giloya satva.

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