Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hello Mr Kaushik,
I was wanting to know if you had any tips on increasing concentration as well? I'm a student and have my entrance exams very soon. Can you help, please?
1. Paras ji I tell you a very simple and effective method to improve your concentration if you practice this method with faith and continuously then it is not only increase your memory power but also give you some super natural power like future vision.
2. First of all you have a question that can I try this method and get supernatural power? then my reply is “ this method looks simple but very hard to continue practice when I practice continue then feel some inner vision but as I stop practice due to time shortage and other family and environmental problems then inner vision will be disappear.
3. And but partially practice of my method name “ TRATKA” is VERY SOON give you concentration and memory.
4. How to start TRATKA? Simple. Just get up before sunrise and after your daily routine take bath and seat down in front of a DEEPAK ( lamp making with cotton and ghee like this image )
5. See the flame without eye blinking and do not think anything in your mind no any mantra no any god name only flame and you is there see only flam think only flam.
6. When your eye start watering and feel pressure for blinking then blink and try again after 3 eye blinking stop practice for evening ( first day you blink eyes 3 time and eye start watering in 2-3 minutes time is vary person to person )
7. At evening repeat the process.
8. In 7 day continue practice you see your time is up and you are able to practice in 5-10 minutes.
9. After 7 day of continue practice of twice daily you may enter in next part of game now After 3 eye blinking close your eye then you see flam ( like photo negative ) in your closed eye try to concentration of this flam.
10. After 30 day of continue practice your time is up near 10-15 minutes then you may see some other things of nature from coming future.
11. In 6 months of practice your time is up 20-30 minutes in open eye and 20-30 minutes in closed eye then you may see anything of future and worshiped like a god but getting this position is not very simple because when you stop practice for some day then it will be start from first day.
12. Try this method and share your experience after real try and practice of some day please not make fake and foolish comments like “ are this really work?” how to start this? How many day how many time I take for result? Only serious comments who making after practice is publish and replied by author.

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