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Increase Your Sex Power Naturally Without any Pills.

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Sex is a natural need so if you feel impotency and lake of libido ( sex power) then please read these natural sex power-boosting tips and save your money and time from pills or other hormone related treatments.
1. Foods that stimulate sex hormone:-I give a list of foods below that stimulating sex hormone so include these foods in your diet and boost your sex power:-
Onion, garlic: - 
Onion and garlic are hot in nature so onion and garlic stimulated your sex hormone. 
Onion and garlic known as tamsik food and due to their sex, stimulating nature Hindu and Jain saints (monk) are not use onion and garlic in their foods for monastic celibacy 
Milk, butter, ghee, oil rich foods, dairy products: - your semen and testosterone hormone will produced by cholesterol derivatives. So if you are not a hart patient use these high cholesterol products with a hard exercise to burn excess cholesterol.
Herbs: - seed of holy basil (ocimum sanctum)

is most powerful herbs to generate semen in body. Winter cherry (withania somnifera linn) root powder also stimulate your sex power
2. Do not use alcohol and non-vegetarians foods and eggs:-Do not use alcohol and non-vegetarians foods and eggs they pseudo stimulating sex power and after long use, they create impotency. Because their bad cholesterol will block testis vassals and create impotency Remember horse has, greatest sex power in the world and horse is a vegetarian animal. 
3. Play football games:- 
Play football game regularly it is enhanced blood circulation in your legs and sex organs. It is very useful tips I treat hundreds of impotency patient by suggested them to play football and they feel a very good boost up in his sex power in 7 days of playing. If you are a new player first three day, your legs and abdomen mussels feel pain. So take rest and slowly increase your playing time. 
4. Race:- race is other useful game to enhanced blood circulation in your legs and sex organs.
5. Take Herbal Sex Power Booster:- I have a separate article about herbal formula of sex power booster at following link so please read it here:-
5. Acupressure for increase sex power: - acupressure on these 9 points on your both wrist (as shown figure) 2 minutes each. This acupressure is also boost up your sex power. because nerve of your wrist is connected with sex organs and if we
acupressure in these points our sex organs will work more effectively
6. Control obesity diabetes: - control your obesity and diabetes they decrease your sex power.
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