Thursday, June 18, 2009


Early ejaculation is not a disease. Early ejaculation shows that your erotic state is on peak level and your control on mind is less. So read following tips carefully and apply them today you will be get a great result.
1. Take some tamarind seeds and fry them without oil in a hot cookware. You can also use oven. Fry until it cover burn and see black but inner yellow part is only partly burn. After cooling them removed, it burned cover by hand. And sucking and chewing slowly it inner yellow partly burn part like a nut. You can suck maximum 5 seeds in a day. This process increases your ejaculation time significantly in 3-7 days. These methods are harmless and also control your acidity or diabetes.
2. During the sex, change your mind in other things. It means between the sexes you imagine mountain, river, temple, birds, pets, a car, and a platform seen. However, done this change is only for few seconds because if you change your attention for a long time you loose your erection. So, rotate your mind between the sex and other tings.
3. Not to use tamarind (tamarind increase pre mature ejaculation but it seeds decrease early ejaculation), grapes, alcohol, prΓ©cis, and other tings which are acetic in nature.
4. Think about sex only when then you really doing it. If you think all the time about sex and see pornographic matter it stimulate sex center in your mind and early ejaculation is results of stimulated sex center.
5. Some pen killers like diclofenac sodium, peracitamole, nimesulide ibrufene block your nervous system so sex stimulation go slowly to sex center and increase sex time but use these drugs only on emergency and after consult your doctor read caution in this blog.
I hope if you follow these methods then pre mature (early) ejaculation is not a matter for you. Please leave your comments about this article it will be help us to improve our work.
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