Thursday, August 20, 2009

Alternative but 100 Percent Cure Piles

1. If you are a piles fistula hemorrhoids patient than you are in right place, I give you 100 percent sure piles curing alternatives tips in my site.
2. Take rasont churna(rasont is made from daru haldi herb and in India rasont is available on all herbal stores) ½ teaspoonful with water or lassi(lassi means very dilute curd without butter) twice a day. If you are from outside India and unable to find rasont then do not worry use other tips of this blog.
3. Use sat isbgole in my method. Yes, I knew that most of piles fistula hemorrhoids patients use sat isbgole but they find it little beneficial but if you use my method to take sat isbgole you get imagine effect in your constipation and piles also.
4. in my method When you take your tea or coffee take one teaspoonful Sat-Isabgol herb (internationally known as Psyllium husks/powder/plantogo ovata) with water before your tea or coffee each time.Do not worry about side effect of Sat-Isabgol herb (internationally known as Psyllium husks/powder/plantogo ovata) because it is completely harmless and no side effect it is a food supplement and fiber source.This method prevents your intestine or stomach from tannin and caffeine of tea and coffee, which slow your intestine movement and cause constipation.Moreover, take one teaspoonful before your meals and bed least 5-7 teaspoonful take first day of treatmentYou find a good result in next day then reduce your dose to 3-4 times a day.Then take it life long as a food supplementthis treatment also cure your heart burn acidity and digestion problem

5. make a liniment with simple mixture of some liniments
“ Hadensa ointment 60 percent xylocane ointment 10 percent and vasline petroliyam jelly 30 percent and mix it in a pot use external on your piles twice daily.”

6. this point is very very important for all piles fistula hemorrhoids patients take a cup water and repeat this shabar mantra for piles “ “ 21 times and then rinse your anus with this water twice daily . First day you got 5 percent relief from this water treatment but if you continue it with faith you get 50 percent relief in 7 days and your 100 percent piles is disappear in 2-3 months. Shabar mantra of nath sidh yogis for piles in following link

7. Take baba ramdev divya- abhyaarist 4 teaspoonful twice daily and divya-arshakalpa bati 2-2 tablet twice a day.8. Avoid nonvage food and spicy food to fast cure.
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