Saturday, May 14, 2016

Treat Diarrhea at Home with Help of These 3 Easy Steps

if you suffer from diarrhea and want a home remedy for this then here top 3 home remedies for primary care to stop loose motion :-
1. Take one cup black tea (black tea means tea without milk but little sugar is allowed).

How it works:- Black tea contain "caffeine" which have anti bacterial properties on E.coli so if your diarrhea is caused by e.coli then black tea effectively treated your diarrhea.
Read this research reports about anti bacterial effect of caffeine:-
Caffeine anti bacterial properties
2. After 1 hour of taking black tea take 1 cup yogurt or indian curd or "lassi" without mixing salt or sugar
so prebiotic in yogurt or  curd or lassi is help good bacterial growth in your intestine.

How it works:- While caffeine kill your bad bacteria this yogurt or curd grow good bacteria in your intestine.
Read details of this activity here:-
Prebiotic role in diarrhea

3. After 15 minute of taking yogurt enjoy 2 simple plain biscuit these biscuit give you instant energy and biscuit contain "Yeast" which is also absorb extra water from your intestine so yeast in biscuit also help you to stop loose motion.

If your problem is not resolve with these 3 home treatment and symptoms persist then consult your doctor for further treatment.
Please also remember if your loose motion is too frequent and you feel abdomen pain , nausea, and other severe symptoms then take immediate medical advice instead of above home treatments and these home tips are not useful for children below 3 year of age so sick immediate medical advice for children below 3 year or weak persons who already sick with any other disease. 
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