Sunday, October 10, 2010


hello sir i need your help my brother is suffering from piles. today he got excess of bleed and now wound is form he is not able to walk even so prescribe any medicines for him thank u-ask by amandeep singh by e mail
1. First of all use allopathic medicine tablet:-cadisper-C twice daily with consult of your doctor for stop bleeding, remember I am not authorized to prescribe allopathic medicine so please use any blood stopping medicine like cadisper c with consult of your doctor only. This is taken first 3 day for stop blooding.
2. If you want avoid allopathic medicine for stop bleeding in hemorrhoids or piles then there are 2 simple baba ramdev tips for it first: - take one glass Luke warm cow milk and pour a Lemmon in this milk then intake it immediately. (It is stopping bleeding from piles) second: - take some coconut hair and burn it. This coconut hair ash take1/2 teaspoonful twice daily with water also stops bleeding from piles or hemorrhoids. ( both of tips are given by swami ramdev ji in her yoga camps these tips are use once or twice only for stop bleeding those have badi piles means hemorrhoids without bleeding they can skip this point)
3. Now use piles removal mantra this mantra is very effective “CLICK HERE TO READ THIS PILES OR HEMORRHOIDS MANTRA “in this mantra article I also give some more points to get rid piles so use them also.
4. Use 2-2 “DIVYA-ARSHAKALPA BATI “(twice daily).it is very effective medicine with various herbs of khunee or badi bavasir or piles hemorrhoids cure.
5. Use divya-uderkalpa churna at night for constipation.
6. I think if your brother take this package with faith then he may get relief and cure in 30-60 day of continue use of mantra and arshkalpa bati only

KEY WORDS:-altarnative cure piles bavasir mantra for piles hemerrhroid

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