Saturday, December 25, 2010


Hello Sir,
Please help me. I am suffering from this problem. As soon as I eat I have to go to the bathroom. If not immediately then within half an hour. My stomach bloats and I feel very nauseous. The stools are normal and all the reports are normal as well. Lot of people has told me its irritable bowel syndrome. I have shown lot of doctors but nothing has helped. I will really owe you a lot if you could help me.

Thanking you,
Aditya Jain

Irritable bowel syndrome is very uncomfortable disease because it patients’ feel gas indigestion floating stomach loose stool constipation but all of his reports is normal and doctor mostly diagnoses it as acidity and give antacid to patients. Antacid may not give any help in irritable bowel syndrome.

So first of all I think you may get a good allopathic medicine specially made for irritable bowel syndrome with consult of your allopathic doctor remember I am not a doctor and not authorized to recommended allopathic drug but for educational purpose I told you that take one tablet Stelbid 2 (Stelbid is available in two type first of Stelbid tab and second is Stelbid 2 tablet) twice daily for 7 days with one aciloc 300 mg tablet at bad time with consult of your doctor.

In this treatment and after treatment avoid using chickpea, gram dal and all thing made from gram flour or besan and all deep fried foods. (Occasionally small quantity of these foods is allowed)

Use 1 teaspoon fool isbgol husk (Psyllium seed husks) after each food even if you have no constipation.

Stop kapal bhati pranayam it may increase Irritable bowl syndrome as my personal experience.

Get up before 5 AM daily and walk minimum 2 km daily before sunrise.

I think this is sufficient for treat completely but avoid using chickpea, gram dal and all things made from gram flour or besan and all deep fried foods is must.

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