Sunday, January 23, 2011


One of our reader shri mansoor nathani ji ask solution for their son permanent cough and cold due to allergy (we check TEC, means total eosinofills counts for identify allergy if TEC is high then normal range then it show allergy)
Some people continue suffering from cough and cold and repeated sneezing they think there immune power is weak and take medicine like chyavanprash amla septiline etc for making strong immune power but these medicines is not beneficial in this type allergic cough and cold. So today we discuss about alternative treatment for continue cough and cold and repeated sneezing due to allergy.

This article is only for educational purpose please consult your doctor before follow it
1. Take 100 gm mamra badam giri ( sweat almonds), 100 gm sugar or bura , 50 gm black peepers ( kali mirch) grinding it until it convert in to powder . Sieve it and store in a dry container. Take this churna 1 teaspoonful at night with milk.( this formula is told by baba ramdev in their camps)
2. Take hamdard-sharbat unnab (a unani medicine for cough and cold) 2-2 teaspoonful after food twice daily.
3. Take divya-shavashari pravahi 1-1 teaspoonful twice daily after food.
4. Take aswagandhadi churna and shatavari churna then mix both churna in a dry air tight container take ¼ teaspoonful twice with milk or bourn vita milk this formula also increase height ,body, mental and sex power and in woman develop breast.

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