Saturday, February 19, 2011

SIPMLE PERMANENT TREATMENT OF ACNE/Leukorrhea / vaginal yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis

Now I make a new research on ACNE/ Leukorrhea / vaginal yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis treatment this is also helpful to cure other skin infections or allergic eczema, acne near anus or bumps on skin or anal area.
First of all I request you that read this article completely before switch to other page because I think when you see simplicity of this idea then you think it may worthless or non working tip but I describe in last part of this article that how it work? (Also give reference of this idea for acne cure).
Use this simple formula: -
consume 100 ml pure curd with your morning food (lunch), only once a day because consumption of curd at dinner or at night is wrong for health.
Second apply dilute curd on acne at night.
Use this simple method for 30 day and feel the power of this simple formula.
How this formula work: - curd contains live bacteria name lactic acid bacillus, and Lactic acid bacteria also colonize the skin and mucus membranes and play an important role in preventing bacterial and fungal infections of the skin and genito-urinary tract. Lactobacilli have a protective role against vaginal infections. They utilize glycogen in the vaginal epithelial cells to produce lactic acid which helps to maintain the pH of this environment between 4.0 and 4.5, which creates a non-conducive environment for the growth of pathogens like Candida albicans, Trichonomas vaginalis and some of the non-specific bacteria, which are responsible for vaginal infections. (cursity:- )

Alternate treatment of this formula: - if you do not like curd then use tablet:-sporlac twice daily with consult of your doctor and apply thin solution of sporlac tablet on acne but consultation of doctor and perform a skin allergy test is must for this alternate.

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