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1.This is the part 2 of my world famous article “ how to grow hair on bald head” if you not read part 1 of this article then first read it in this link before continue with this article:-

2. Now I tell you one simplest thing to grow hair that blood circulation on hair follicles is only thing that able to grow your hair because nutrient-rich blood that nourishes each hair follicle and this blood circulation will promote healthy hair growth and stop all type of hair loss.
3. All hair growing oils is based on this basic concept that massage of oil will increase blood circulation and reactivate hair company sell his hair oil @ 1500 per 100 ml but they add that daily 20 minute massage on bald head with theire oil will must for grow your lost hair again. I think this is the magic of massage because massage on bald head improves blood circulation on hair follicles with nutrient-rich blood that nourishes each hair follicle, and this blood circulation will promoting healthy hair growth.
4. so massage 20 minutes daily on bald head this any hair oil or specially hair oil which contains castor oil because new research ( as well as our ancient books also say) says” that daily massage of castor oil will re generate hair from dead hair follicles.
5. Make a simple hair growing oil at home mix 250 ml sesame oil and 50 ml castor oil and use it twice a day with 10-10 minutes massage...see the magic and make your true comments for inspiration of other readers of this article.
6. if you not able to make this oil at home then no problem go to any asharam bapu store and buy amla bhirngraj oil of asharam bapu ashram which composition is sesame oil 40 %, castor oil 10 %, eclipta alba (amla) 25 % , phyllanthus embellica(bhirngraj) 25% and mfg by achyutaya hariom pharma. We find this oil very good and very effective for re generate lost hair, stop hair loss and making hair black (dark). Please also remember this blog not sell this oil and anything else because this blog is a non commercial free service.
7. When we rub our nails then it also increase blood circulation in hair follicles because nerve of nails connected with nerve of hair follicles.

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