Monday, August 1, 2011


Respected Sir

Your posts are very use full I am very thank full for this. Sir was working in a call center for 2 years so I had to spend long hours working on computers again my body's biological cycle is also disturbed because of working night shifts. I suffer from headache for the entire day and I cant even sleep during night too. I have started consuming Ashwaganda churan since a month but no result....Sir please suggest some remedy sir.
I will Be thank full.
Ritika Manwani
1. Ritka ji please continue with ashwagandha churn i think you take it with milk.
2. please also take 2-2 drops shadbindu taila ( available at any Ayurveda's store or patanjalti store or asharam bapu store) in your each nostril's twice daily...remember  drops will be taken in nostril's not orally use.
as ayurveda shadabindu taila is very use full for chronic headache it also black your hair and give strength to eye ear and mind.. means complete ENT remedy.
3. during your working hours try to concentrate your breath when breath is intake mentally suppose so..and when out take of breath suppose ham.. repeat cycle ham..
4. in point 3 no word is pronounced only suppose your lips cannot move in this process.
5.time for this breath meditation:- whenever you remember this during your work and try to done it whole day if you really try this honestly only for a single day you may feel your body and mind is not tried due to night shift work and you are still fresh ( i work 14 hour a day and take jeep and bus journey near about 100 km every day  also use computer near about 8 hour in my work and home but if you meet me any time you find me always fresh because i try to meditate on breath in my whole day and during the journey.
6. please do not forget to make comments after using the formula , for help others..i request my readers please do not make fake comments without using like..sir can it really work??? Hi how many time i do this..? sir can this solve my problem..? i welcome all positive and negative comments after using the method because i am sure that if any one honestly using this method than he/she got supernatural power also.

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