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Amazing True Story Of A Jeweler Who Removes His Heart Blockage Naturally ( Without Bypass Surgery).

How to remove heart blockage without angioplasty and bypass surgery? 
This question is a life-saving question because when your doctor recommended you angioplasty or bypass surgery, then you are so worried and want to find an easy, simple, natural method to remove heart blockage without bypass.
Now I tell you a true story which may inspire you, and you may remove your heart blockage without bypass surgery.

A public garden is situated near my home and every day I go for the morning walk in this garden.
When I was doing my morning walk per day, I see an 80-year-old man who was doing school PT per day even in summer morning 25-degreee temperature and even in winter morning 1-2 degree temperature.
Every day when I cross to this old uncle then every day, he smiles to me.

I am very impressed with this old uncle and surprised that why this old uncle chooses children school PT instead of the morning walk, Pranayama or other exercises?

Before we continue this amazing life-saving story kindly watch this video of school PT if you do not know about school PT:-

I feel surprised but due to hesitation I do not ask this question from that 80-year-old uncle who was doing children school exercise.
Fortunately one day my wife ask me to go a jeweler who makes an Indian silver anklet for her.

We both visit a jeweler shop, and I wonder to see that same old uncle is on jeweler sit, and he welcome us with the same pleasant smile.
After shopping an Indian silver anklet for my wife, I have enough friendship with this old jeweler to ask my question.
I ask him " Uncle If you do not mind I want to ask one question?
He threw the same lovely pleasant smile to me and said " Of course you may ask anything.
I replied "Thank you, I want to ask that why you are doing children exercise (school PT) instead of pranayama and morning walk, etc.
He laughed and told his amazing, unbelievable story to me.
" My dear son, five years ago I suffer from heart pain, the doctor says your heart has blocked near 70-80 percent, and by-pass surgery is the only option. but I am worried because that time my age was 75 year and I am also a sufferer of diabetes.
So after doctor visits whole night I am unable to sleep, so I pray to god that " Please protect me from by-pass surgery because I do not want to go for an operation, please save me, please save me, please save me.....whole night.
But no result comes, and God does not reply my prayer so my older son and me start our train journey to  Ahmadabad city ( for bypass surgery) which is near 250 Km from Pindwara.
After 60 Km of the journey from Abu Road station one Indian lady monk is come on the train, I am very impressed with her glowing, peaceful face and after some interrogation, I told her my story that I go for a bypass surgery, so please pray to God for me.
She smiles and says " Why not you try school PT like this, She performs some of school PT steps to me; she said our hand arteries are related to heart and if we increase blood circulation in hands then it dissolve heart blockage.

In next station (Palanpur) she went away from the train, I think God sent her to me.
So I am also left my journey from next station and come back to Pindwara.
From next day I start these school PT steps and check doctor after 1-2 months, Almost all of my blockage is gone; My diabetes also comes in normal range.
I give thanks to this old uncle for share his experience and make a youtube video from his exercises steps see my youtube video for more details of these PT steps:-

If you have any question? Please ask your questions in Comments I am happy to help you.
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Caution & Disclaimer: - I am not a doctor in the modern medical stream and Ayurveda Stream.
However, Author is registered doctor under the biochemical stream of alternative medicine and registered with Indian board of alternative medicine Kolkata.
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