Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I have skin problem like allergic eczema since my born and try to make all kind of treatment in ayurvedic homeopathic and allopathic but no one cure my eczema or skin problem 100 percent.
I think I spent more then 100000 Indian rupees in allopathic medicine like betnovate cream lobate GM cream elecon cream quadiderm cream cloben G cream or oral use of cetzine betnesole avil etc but they all show a temporary result when use these medicines and after discontinue of treatment symptoms occurs again.
I saw baba ramdev anulom viloma pranayama on TV and start it 20 minutes daily. Pranayama is a Indian breathing exercise.
In 2-3 months of practice of anuloma, viloma pranayama I find my skin problem is cure 100 percent.
Click here to see a full video of anulom viloma pranayama
If I discontinue pranayama my skin problem appear again but this is not a problem because pranayama is free and it give me other benefit also so this is a magic wonder free treatment of eczema without any side effect.

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