Tuesday, September 15, 2009


1.my wife has suffering from ankle pain (sprain)since last 2 year.
2. This ankle pain called spur by doctors is high at morning and she is unable to walk few steps and after some time pain is mild but this mild pain is still remaining at all time of day.
3. I consult a physician which is MD (medicine) he told me that ankle pain is non specific non origin pain and medical science does not find the reason of ankle pain it will be appear without any reason and heel without any reason. He gives some painkiller like nimesulaide and some multi vitamins to treat my wife but no result.
4. Some physician say the bone of ankle is large and some say the bone of ankle is shrink and I get him treatment with newly search medicine diacerin (orcerin )50 mg 1 month single daily and next 5 month twice daily but no result is there.
5. Some surgeon say they done a minor surgery to my wife ankle but I not accept for surgery.
6. I use homeopathic treatment to treat chronic ankle pain like ledam 30 ruta 200-rux tox 200 but no result is there.
7. Some doctor say they give a injection of steroid name cortisone in my wife ankle but we do not accept this formula because we hear that some time steroid injection punch in to nerve and cause paralysis.
7. In result of above treatment we are very hopeless and remember our god and stop all allopathic treatment and take shelter of god (the picture shown in this article is sai baba our guru and holy godess durga )we decided to take only 2-ayurvedic medicine (by inner inspiration of god and some knowledge of ayurveda)
Divya-yograj gugal 2 tab twice daily
Divya- tryodashang gugul 2 tab twice daily
After use these 2 medicine we saw a minor result in 1 months of continue use with faith and the name of god after 2 months 50 percent relief is there and in 3 months my wife ankle pain is cure 100 percent.

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