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Mr. Kaushik,
I have tried a couple of your suggestions and they seem to be working. Thank you for that. I am 35 years old and have had dark circles all around my eyes from childhood. Also, I am losing hair very rapidly since last 6 months. I loose thin locks of hair at a time. All the tests with the doctors came alright. The hair (each strand) has also become very thin and lifeless/frizzy. If you know of any acupressure techniques for these issues, please advice.
Thank you,
1. This method is a type of acupressure rub your both hands nail with each other like show this picture (this method is tell us respected swami ramdev ji founder of patanjli yog pith haridwar India his website is so we thankful to swami ramdev ji). .

2.Your nail nerve is connected to hair root nerve if you rub your nail with each other it created a lot of energy that stimulated blood circulation in hair and regenerated dead hair root cell. Try this method 5 minutes morning and 5 minutes evening without forgetting. After 1 month, you see some results
3.You see 5-10 percent more hair grow on your scalp and all new generated hair is in dark color. After 9 months, you see 80-95 percent result. So, take this acupressure continuous with patience.
4. your both of problem is related to nutrition because dark circle show lack of iron and folic acid and thick hair show protein deficiency. Do you know our hair made by pure protein? And if you take less beans and lentils in your daily food it direct affect your hair.
5. So use lentils daily in your food and avoid junk food lie pizza burger bread etc.
6. I give you a list of food which give you healthy hair as well as remove dark circle permanently :-coconut, jaggery, honey , lentils , spinach , beans , ground nut , cheese (very important) use at least 3 item of this list in your daily food.
7. Most part of cheese is made by protein. So please use cheese and lentils.
8. Does not use shampoo daily because shampoo increases dryness in hair and weak the hair root use it once or twice in a month.
9. I think you not believe with me but in these day shampoo is main cause of frizzy hair in new generation if you do not believe try pure curd to wash your hair only for 7 day (you may use curd as a shampoo in alternate day) and see magic of curd it is not describe in words only practical is satisfied your emotions.

10. read contains of your hair oil in India some branded hair oil use mineral oil in his contain means oil like kerosene, it causes cancer and do not beneficial for hair growth so use pure coconut oil instead of mineral oil.
11. Use all above10 points and get rid from hair fall.
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