Saturday, January 16, 2010


1. If your pimples is very big with swelling or pus it is not sufficient to cure it alternative methods only because swelling or pus is caused by infection so please first take a 15 day course of simple anti biotic like tab doxy-1 with consult of your doctor.
2. pimples occurs in oily skin so wash your face twice daily with mild medicated soap like medimix do not wash it many time a day only 2 time washing is sufficient.
3. Now make a simple face washing powder at home take
Multani sand 100 gm
Masur lentils 50 gm
Grind it to make a powder and then mix 1 teaspoonful powder in 20 ml rose water and apply it on your face.
4. After ½ hour wash your face and then apply any antibiotic cream like nadofloxin or soframycine with consult of your doctor.
5. Use these simple method only for 15-30 days and your pimples is go away enjoy your shining face

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