Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This blog is for alternative treatment but I think allopathic is more effective in travel sickness. So I share my personal experience about motion sickness (known as travel sickness)
Take one tablet avomine 25 mg before 1 hour of traveling with consult of your doctor. It is the best medicine of travel sickness in allopathic and I use it since last 12 year. But when you take avomine 25 mg you may feel drowsiness so please do not drive when you take it.
Only single tablet of avomine 25 mg able you travel full day without nausea and travel sickness but in addition to your mental satisfaction suck one tablet digine. (Mint flavors)
Please take any allopathic medicine with consult of your doctor only and do not drive when you take avomine 25 mg.
If you travel regularly or frequently than after 15 travels without nausea and travel sickness reduce dose of avomine from 1 tablet to ½ tablet and again after 15 travels stop use of this medicine because now your body is habitual to traveling and no medicine is needed but if you travel occasionally than use of avomine every time is must try it (with consult of doctor) and make your comments.

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