Monday, March 1, 2010


1. In this article I told you about a wonderful magic herb on earth it called giloy or amtita means nectar.
2. As per Hindu methodology once upon a time devta (angels) and asur (daemon) done a scientific research on sea and they found a pot of nectar (amrita) in there research. Then daemon (asur) runs away with pot of nectar. Then some drops of nectar is Scattered on earth. After some time these drops of nectar is convert in to a big climber (glabrous) called giloy or guduchi or Tinospora cordifolia (BOTONICAL NAME)?
3. You see some picture of giloy in this article for your Identification.
4. this herb tinospora Contains alkaloid like Berberine and a glucosoid like Giloin in there chemical extract it is a very strong herbal antibiotic and kill gram positive and negative bacteria like e.colai and mycobacterium tuberculosis in any part of body.

5. This herb is recommended by Yoga Guru Swami Baba Ramdev ji in preventing swine flu that has been declared epidemic world wide. They say if one can take fresh juice of giloy with tulsi then his immune power is up and prevent him from swine flu or other bacterial or viral infection.
6. I give you Sanskrit and local name of tinospora for your Identification. Guduchi, Amrita, Chinnaruha, , Tantrika, Kundalini, Chakralakshanika , Madhuparni Vatsadaani Giloya, Guduchi (Hindi), Gulancha(Bengali), Shindilakodi (Tamil), Galo (Gujarati),Amrita balli(kannada) Tippaatigo (Telugu), Gulavel (Marathi),.
7. In my office a patwari (land surveyor )is suffering from diabetes he take fresh giloy juice 1 glass daily and get complete rid from his diabetes. His age is 50+ but I see after taking of giloy his 75 percent hair is change in black color. After this direct magic I attract to research about giloy. He did not take any allopathic medicine of diabetes take only giloy (tinospora) juice and his blood sugar are reducing 130 from 280.

8. it also up your R.B.C and W.B.C. or platelets count so baba ramdev use tinospora juice with wheat grass juice to treat blood cancer.
9. other use of giloy is generalized weakness , acidity, dyspepsia, jaundice, hepatic fibrosis, peritonitis and sepsis pyrexias of unknown origin (fevers), oedema and arthritis, gannoria , cancer, STD, asthma, allergy etc.
10. So we compare giloy with nectar (amrita) which has anti bacterial, anti viral and anti allergic ability if fresh giloy is not available for you then you may use divya-giloy satva or divya-giloya ghan bati from any baba ramdev or patanjli store I think giloya ghan bati is more effective if we compare it from giloya satva.

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