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In allopathic warts have no treatment and it is say that wart causes by a virus and if you disturb it with any chemical then it is convert in to cancer.
But in India we often see then if any one body has warts and his prayer to goddess durga then wart is remove in a sudden way.
If you have any true story about these holistic treatment of warts and genital wart then please refer it on comments.
In hanuman garh town (ditt. Hanumangarh Rajasthan) one holistic palace called shila Mata, or shila peer there are one large stone plate of 6' x 2.5' x 2' size and some “kuran sharif aayats”is written on it. The Hindus call this Shila Mata and Muslims call it Shila PeerThis place is a divine place both for Hindus and Muslims in hanumangargh town and it is believe that at Thursday if any one wash this shila ( the divine stone plate)with raw milk and salt and apply this raw milk and salt on warts then his warts gone away.
The Hindus and Sikhs call this divine stone Shila Mata and Muslims call it Shila Peer.
So we give you 2 wart treatment first it is homeopathy treatment for warts and genital warts second it is spiritual treatment.
1. famous homeopathic medicine thuja 200 is a successful medicine for warts and genital warts call your homeopathic doctor for more detail and uses about thuja 200 please do not ask me about use method of this medicine because I am not a doctor but if you take this with consult of your homeo doctor then taking of thuja 200 in alternate day may dissolve warts in 15-30 day.
2. If it is possible go to hanumangarh town dist Rajasthan for washing holy stone with milk and salt at Thursday. If it is not possible then god is every where try to apply milk and salt on warts at every Thursday with prayer of “o holy shila Mata (Muslims use word peer instead of Mata) I am unable to present physically at your place but you are the power of god which present anywhere please remove my warts” I think it is take maximum 7 Thursday to dry up your warts and it is gone away. (a image of holy shila mata hanumangarh town is given in this blog post)
People who use this method please give your experience in comments for help of other.
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