Monday, August 30, 2010


To day hyperacidity is very general problem most of people take spicy and fast foods and then they edict of hyper acidity medicine like pantoprazole D SR rabeprazole etc. so today I told you very simple formula that stop your pantoprazole or rabeprazole etc.
touch your tongue with your hard palate and closed your mouth doing this as long as possible and many times a day.
This formula is recommended by asaram bapu ji to his devotee for making concentration in math’s study but one of his devotees try it and find that her acidity will cure 100 % by this formula, if you understand Hindi then read her experience in following link
After that I recommended it for acidity patients and find it 100 % true.
when you touch your tongue with hard palate then it will create huge amount of saliva in your mouth and continue swallowing of this saliva which alkali in nature automatic cure your hyper acidy.
2. this mudra (posture) will maintain your concentration of mind as it recommended for math’s learning by bapu ji and acidity is related to mental tension so it reduce mental tension and cure acidity permanently
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