Saturday, November 20, 2010


1. Bipolar disorder is also known as manic-depressive disorder this is a mood disorder and not a disease this is a disorder because there is no any universal physiological test to confirm the disorder.
2. Actually this disorder occurs by depression and wrong life style.uses of drugs , alcohal etc also cause the problem
3. So first of all change your life style stop drinking alcohol, tea, coffee…and tobacco, cocaine products if you are unable to stop drinking and tobacco products then try to reduce quantity gradually.
4. Also stop net suffering for lot of time , delete all of your social networking accounts if you are suffer from bipolar disorder go outside like park, museum, church, temple for entertainment remember net suffering for entertainment may increase your bipolar disorder.
5. Take divya-medha bati 2-2 tablets daily with consult of vaidh (ayurvedic doctor) and do not stop your allopathic medicine at once...reduce quantity of allopathic medicine gradually when you follow this program. If medha bati is not available and you not want to take any ayurvedic medicine then no problem you can avoid this point.
6. When you travel, when you sleep, when you free try to set your fingers in dhayan mudra or gyan mudra as shown in image. Dhayan mudra and gyan mudra is ancient Indian knowledge that nerve of these fingers related with right and left lobs of mind and treat all mental disorders, B.P etc and give you a sound sleep without any oral medicine.
Gyan mudra is strongly recommended for bipolar disorder.
7. Chanting gaytri mantra mentally during the routine work “om bhur bhava sava tat savitur varenyam bhargo devasya dhimhi dhiyo yona prchodyat “search you tube for gaytri mantra to listen clear pronunciation of gaytri mantra.
8. Finally take 5-5 minutes meditation at morning and evening sit down on a blanket and close your eye see set your finger in gyan mudra see your breath mentally and repeat gayatri mantra ..Done it 5-5 minutes and see the result.
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