Saturday, November 13, 2010


Human growth hormone “Somatotropin” is responsible for height increase. Somatotropin is a protein base hormone. This hormone stimulates growth (height) by cell reproduction and regeneration.So I think you may understand this simple science that “food with high density of protein is automatic increase your height if you done proper meditation or acupressure for height increase.

List of high protein foods who contain essential amino acids for somatotropin: - suppose you read above 2 articles for height increase mediation and height increase acupressure and not to eat protein base foods then it is impossible to create growth hormone somatotropin by pituitary gland because human growth hormone is a peptide base hormone and protein foods is essential requirement for secretion and creation of growth hormone.So use lentils in your daily food specially “chickpea (bengalgram)” have essentials amino acids for growth hormone. there are 2 type of chickpea available in market first black (desi channa) and second white (kabuli channa) , use black chickpea for height increase benefit.
Second eat cheese containing foods because cheese also contains essential amino acids for height increase.Avoid non vegetarian foods and eggs because I believe (not scientifically proven) that protein of non vegetarians foods and eggs increase level of Growth hormone-inhibiting hormone somatostatin that inhibits secretion of somatotropin.
For more details you can read my book How I increase my height without any oral medicine. (POPATI:THE ALTERNATIVE CURE)
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