Monday, March 23, 2009

How to grow hair on a baldhead?

Baldness is common in the male above 40. However, due to hormonal disorder we see baldness in small age also. Most of people think that there is no scientific treatment of baldness in medical science. It is right that modern medical science has a limit and they treat bald ness only by hair plantation. Moreover, hair plantation is too expensive method.
Therefore, people search some alternative medicine to grow hair on a bald scalp. So be happy you are in right place. we advice our reader some alternative methods to grow hair. Please read these methods carefully and apply them with patience. If you have patience and apply these method for 9-12 months without forgetting you find a good result.1. This method is a type of acupressure rub your both hands nail with each other like show this picture (this method is tell us respected swami ramdev ji founder of patanjli yog pith haridwar India his website is so we thankful to swami ramdev ji). Your nail nerve is connected to hair root nerve if you rub your nail with each other it created a lot of energy that stimulated blood circulation in hair and regenerated dead hair root cell. Try this method 5 minutes morning and 5 minutes evening without forgetting. After 1 month, you see some results. You see 5-10 percent more hair grow on your scalp and all new generated hair is in dark color. After 9 months, you see 80-95 percent result. So, take this acupressure continuous with patience.

2-Use homeopathic medicine jaborandi Q 10 drops bd. For 6 months and not to use any smelling things like onion garlic cardamom etc before and after 2 hour to take medicine. (I am not a doctor so please consult your homeopathic doctor before take medicine this information is only for educational purpose no liability is accepted in this purpose)3. vitamin B complex is also related with hair growth so take vitamin b rich foods like green vegetables and curd . and take a course of vitamin B complex pills with consultation of your doctor
4. take old wasp hive ( when wasp is fly away then empty wasp hive is found in wall of old houses) and mix it with sesame(gingelly) oil in a pot and put it on gas-stove flame. Boil until hive is burn then cool it and filtered in a bottle. Massage this wasp hive oil on your head scalp 5-10 minutes every day. (This method is tell us respected swami ramdev ji founder of patanjli yog pith haridwar India his website is so we thankful to swami ramdev ji).
See nail rubbing exercise video here:-

Dear blog reader we believe strongly that if you try these methods with patience for 9-12 months you have no need to hair plantation. Enjoy your dark wavy hair….!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How to increase your height? No pills, no hormonal treatment and without hard exercises

Good height is an important personality criterion. If your height is less then 5’6’’, then you are not to look smart. This help topic written for those people whose height is not full developing so read carefully these height-increasing tips. Moreover, remember if your age is more then 20 year, then it is possible that you increase only 2-7 inches but below 15 year find a good result and increase more then 2-3 feet there height to follow these tips:-
1. first of all keep your mind that “ height is not only issue for life and personality” so cool your mind and be tension free because if you so worried about your height matter it decrease good Harmon secretion and impose negative effect on your height increasing hormone. Therefore, our first tip for increasing height “keep your mind cool or tension free”.
2. If you do not like hard exercises and high jump for increase height, then take normal exercise but do not ignore it. Always remember “exercise is an important factor to increase your height” key words:-
3. Take milk or high calcium foods because calcium is main part of your bones and it help increase your bone size.

4. This point is very important height depended on pituitary gland hormone so every day takes a simple 5 minutes meditation on pituitary gland. Pituitary gland is located in the center of the skull, just behind the bridge of the nose, is about the size of a pea. The method of meditation is close your eyes and take all your concentration on pituitary gland part. And think this part is stimulated and work more effectively. You see magic effect of this meditation after 2-3 months. Hundreds of followers find it result very good so try it and increase your height such a magic but scientific way.

5. acupressure 5 -10 minutes on your all thumbs upper front points (both hands and both legs thumb)see picture in this blog it also improve pituitary Harmon stimulation

Congratulations! If you are doing it without laziness and follow this 5-point then I am 100 percent sure about results and give you my advance congratulations!

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