Saturday, August 24, 2013

Shankh Mudra – conch sell mudra for stuttering and stammering problems

Today I told you the new way to reduce or treat your stuttering No medicine....No magic.....No chanting mantra (Mantra is work soon give a new article about Devi mantra of stuttering from deviyan book).
 Only a mudra name Shankh Mudra also known as Conch shell mudra.
 I think you remember I recommended Shankh bhasma for stuttering but if you not like medication for your problem than Shankh Mudra in a similar way help those with speech and throat ailments like stammering or stuttering. Shankh mudra helps by clearing the throat vocal cords. It relieves stuttering and stammering. It gives a quality to your speech by restoring the pitch and resonance. 
Encircle your left thumb with the four fingers of your right hand as shown in picture. Touch the right thumb to the extended middle finger of your left hand. The two hands should look like a conch shell. 
Practice japa of OM AIM NAMAH (or instead of mantra only think my stuttering is go away I talk more fluent way from today) while doing Shankh mudra with an affirmation in your mind 
 Only 10 minutes a day after bath sit down and doing this mudra with empty stomach (tea or coffee allowed). 
result will be shown from first day and after 15-30 day of continue practice 50-75 % reducing in stuttering will noted and for complete treatment you will be use other supports like breath holding pranayama and use prolonged speech ( fluency shaping therapy)which I tell in my first article.
Do not forget to give your real comment if you get benefited or not benefited but... I am sorry to say that fake and time waste comments like this sir can it really work....sir can you mail me some mantra...sir how many time I do it...etc will not be approved(published) or replied.
Stutter not believe easily on a therapy they waste hours on internet about search an instant cure therapy but in practical they never try it because every stutter try to hide their problem...this is the main reason that why stuttering is a life long problem for you.

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