Saturday, July 5, 2014

How To Gain Weight In 21 Days

Recently I get an e mail from one of my followr that "Hi sir,i am Ravinder singh from height is 5.7 and weight is 50.i am naturally appetite is very low.kindly give me some tips to gain weight and increase appetite". 
Some people have very thin figure, They always feel inferior about their thin body. 
So today I tell you some of my tested weight gain methods without any steroidal body mass gain formulas. 
First of all I want to warn my readers, that please do not use steroidal powders which claim that they make your body within the same day of uses. 
These Steroidal formulas claim that they contain simple herbs like Aswagandha Shatavari but Actually some companies may be mix steroids in these formulations. 
My cousin brother uses one of this type powders which impress him by a newspaper advertisement and within 30 days of use he looks very smart and fatty, His body gets ABS like Salman Khan, This formula powder increase his appetite and he eat 2-4 times much from his normal diet. When he stops consuming this powder, then his body shape gets reversed and even worse from his original texture. After some time he feels severe pain in his hip joint and doctor say that he uses steroid that melt down bone of his hip joint. He still feels guilty that why he uses this type of medicine of advertisement. 
Ok, Now I tell you some of side effect less methods for weight gain
1.Take one cup of plain Vanilla ice-cream every day at bedtime Plain Vanilla Ice Cream contains milk and milk solids with Maltodextrin which help to improve metabolize' m and prevent you from acidity. 
2. Take Liv 52 syrup 1-1 teaspoonfuls after meals, Liv 52 detoxify your liver and improve appetite which is necessarily part of weight gain program. 
3. Do not skip your meals, Eat 3 times daily, even if in small quantity. 
4. Eat 2 Common Fig (Anjeer) daily after meals, (If you do not hate with milk, then boil 2 common figs in milk and then consume fig with this milk) See this video for more details of Anjeer 

I am sure that if you follow all of these 4 points, then you gain weight within 21 days, After 21 days continue this method until you gain your satisfied level.

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