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Cure Hypothyroidism by Yoga, Bees Mantra and Alternative Herbal Medicines.

Natural tips for cure Thyroid Problems:-
1. Make an herbal Ayurvedic medicine at home this medicine is told by baba ramdev in his yoga camps and book “aoushad darsna”Trikatu churna 50 gm(You make trikatu churna my mix dry ginger, long pepper, black pepper in equal quantity and grind it to make powder or buy it at baba ramdev stores)Bahera churna (belliric myrobalan powder) 20 gm
(Bahera is a famous herb found at all herbal stores and ayurvedic store)Divya- praval pisti 10 gmMix above 3 ingredients and take ½ teaspoonful mix with honey at morning when empty stomach.
2. Acupressure 5 minutes your both hand thyroid points thyroids point is found below your thumb at shown in picture.
3. Done baba ramdev kapal bhati and anulom viloma pranayama each for 15-15 minutes daily to cure hypothyroidism.
4. Take homeopathic medicine Thyrodiniumn 30C 3 times a day. (For 15 days only)
5. Avoid day sleeping strictly because in 99 percent cases of hypothyroidism patient have a habit of day sleeping. And day sleeping is man cause of hypothyroidisms because it disturbs your thyroid gland work. If you only avoid day sleeping your 75 percent problem of thyroid cure automatically within 30 days.

6. Avoid lie in your every day life because in yoga thyroid
problem is caused by imbalance of vishuddhi chakra which situated in throat and vishuddhi chakra related emotion is " Truth" so when you speak lie then your vishuddhi chakra got imbalance which known as Thyroid in modern medical science.

7. Mantra for Hypothyroidism or Thyroid problem:- Bees mantra for hypothyroidism or thyroid problems is " Om Ham Namah" Chanting this bees mantra 108 time daily may cure your thyroid problem see this youtube video for proper pronunciation of this bees mantra

Or Read my Hindi post on this issue here

If you understand Hindi then this Hindi video is also help-full

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to get rid glasses (spectacles or goggles).

Please provide few methods to get rid of glasses.
Thanks. ask by mr.Michael Clarke by mail

1. This is a 3-6 months dedicated work plan to remove glasses or treat your myopia and other vision problems.
2. Please read this article carefully and follow tips that are given here with faith this is a slow process and it may be possible that you find your first result after 30 day continue practice so be patience and done these alternative methods continue at least 30 day to see result.
3. First of all, check current number of your glasses or spectacles to trace out result of our method this process of compulsory because if you check one month ago it is possible that your number is increased so please make a fresh eye checking before you start.
4. When you rise up at morning, take some water in your mouth and than wash your eyes with normally cold water (not chilled). Also open and close eyes in cold water. After washing your eyes, spit water from your mouth. Repeat this process minimum thrice a day.
Working process of this tip: - our eye lens is make from fiber mussels and they continue work in our vision process. When we take water in our mouth our lens mussels spread and washing of our eye with cold water is shrink mussels of lens for few seconds this process give exercise your lens directly and increase blood circulation in our eyes. This method is feeling small but give you a huge benefit, so try it.
5. After your bathing done swami ramdev ji anuloma viloma pranayama 20 minutes (four cycle of 5-5-5-5 minutes) daily. If you find difficult to done this then done it 2 times 10-10 minutes at morning and evening (two cycle of 5-5 minutes at morning and 2 cycle of 5-5 minutes at evening) To learn anuloma viloma pranayama search video of this “anuloma viloma pranayama by ramdev ji” in “you tube” site.

Working process of this tip: - in anuloma viloma pranayama we intake more oxygen and this oxygen go to our eye mussels by blood circulation extra oxygen give strengths of your eyes mussels.
6. When you are free and not doing any work then remove your glasses and try to see without glasses. However, remember when you without glasses slowly increase your time and do not try this in driving, operate a machine or reading.
Working process of this tip: - this will help your eye lens to came in his original natural status.
7. Give a pot of water to god sun every day with mantra of “Om aadityay namh”:
Working process of this tip: - in Hindu astrology god sun is controller of our eyes and when you put a pot of water in the direction of sun and see god sun through the stream of water. The ultraviolet rays filtered with water touch with your eyes healing your eyes tissues.
Cautions: - done it without glasses and only early morning when sunrays is cool and in orange color. See sun through water stream only for 2-3 seconds.
8. This points is only for Indian which knew Hindi language very well they repeat chakshusopanisada daily at morning find full method of chakshusopanisada in Hindi at following link
Working process of this tip: - as above link
Moreover, if you do not knew Hindi than avoid this tip and use other 9 tips of this blog

9.use following herbal medicines of baba ramdev to cure your myopia or vision problem and get rid from glasses or spectacles
Divya-aamlki rasayan 200 gm
Divya-saptamirit loh 20 gm
Divya-mukta sukti pisti 10 gm
Mix this three medicine and take ½ teaspoonful with water twice a day.
If you are outside from India and baba ramdev medicines are unavailable in your country than first try to contact patnjali yogapeeth haridwar India for delivery of these medicines in your country. If you are still unable to find these medicines than “use only indian gooseberry herb powder 1 teaspoonful twice daily instead of above baba ramdev medicines because major part of above medicines is gooseberry.
Working process of this tip: - in Indian method of treatment (called aayurveda) indian gooseberry is a complete nerve tonic and indian gooseberry powder give strength all of your nerves including eyes nerves.
10. Put divya-netra jyoti 2 drops in your eyes every day.

If you are outside from India and baba ramdev medicines are unavailable in your country than first try to contact patnjali yogapeeth haridwar India for delivery of this medicine in your country and if you are still unable to find this medicine than try to make divya-netra jyoti at home
Ingredients: -
White Onion juice 10 ml
Lemmon juice 10 ml
Ginger juice 10 ml
Honey 50 ml
Mix it and use it as diva netra jyoti of baba ramdev
Working process of this tip: - it cleans your eyes with the help of tear and increase visibility of your eye lens. Use of this medicine is painful for 2-3 minutes but after 2-3 minutes pain is goes out and your eyes is clear.

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shri rajesh tripathi say"I suffered from ulcer and found the best cure. Drink half liter juice of cabbage, two times a day and ulcer will be gone in 1-2 weeks. I also mix some carrot juice at cabbage juice taste is not so good.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Alternative but 100 Percent Cure Piles

1. If you are a piles fistula hemorrhoids patient than you are in right place, I give you 100 percent sure piles curing alternatives tips in my site.
2. Take rasont churna(rasont is made from daru haldi herb and in India rasont is available on all herbal stores) ½ teaspoonful with water or lassi(lassi means very dilute curd without butter) twice a day. If you are from outside India and unable to find rasont then do not worry use other tips of this blog.
3. Use sat isbgole in my method. Yes, I knew that most of piles fistula hemorrhoids patients use sat isbgole but they find it little beneficial but if you use my method to take sat isbgole you get imagine effect in your constipation and piles also.
4. in my method When you take your tea or coffee take one teaspoonful Sat-Isabgol herb (internationally known as Psyllium husks/powder/plantogo ovata) with water before your tea or coffee each time.Do not worry about side effect of Sat-Isabgol herb (internationally known as Psyllium husks/powder/plantogo ovata) because it is completely harmless and no side effect it is a food supplement and fiber source.This method prevents your intestine or stomach from tannin and caffeine of tea and coffee, which slow your intestine movement and cause constipation.Moreover, take one teaspoonful before your meals and bed least 5-7 teaspoonful take first day of treatmentYou find a good result in next day then reduce your dose to 3-4 times a day.Then take it life long as a food supplementthis treatment also cure your heart burn acidity and digestion problem

5. make a liniment with simple mixture of some liniments
“ Hadensa ointment 60 percent xylocane ointment 10 percent and vasline petroliyam jelly 30 percent and mix it in a pot use external on your piles twice daily.”

6. this point is very very important for all piles fistula hemorrhoids patients take a cup water and repeat this shabar mantra for piles “ “ 21 times and then rinse your anus with this water twice daily . First day you got 5 percent relief from this water treatment but if you continue it with faith you get 50 percent relief in 7 days and your 100 percent piles is disappear in 2-3 months. Shabar mantra of nath sidh yogis for piles in following link

7. Take baba ramdev divya- abhyaarist 4 teaspoonful twice daily and divya-arshakalpa bati 2-2 tablet twice a day.8. Avoid nonvage food and spicy food to fast cure.
Update:- link for my new update about piles cure:-

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

homeopathic medicine for height increase

Could you please send for tips on height problem.? I am 20 this year and I am only 5 "1" and i really need your help.hope u understand it.-ask by shri suresh G by e-mail
respected suresh Gi think you read my old blog post about height increase please read first it from below link
100's of reader of this post mail to me that they find significant increase in their height from out meditation method.again i tell you a homeopathic medicine for height increase take baryta carb 30 in liquid form only one drop in alternate days for 30 days.mail your any question about this post or any other health problem for alternative tips to (read 00 as zero zero)
read this post
POPATI:THE ALTERNATIVE CURE: How to increase your height? No pills, no hormonal treatment and without hard exercises

but I found that if we follow complete four step program of height increase then no need to oral medication, for more details you may read my book 
How I increase my height without any oral medicine. 
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Alternative prevention of swine flu

Swine flu is spread from h1n1 virus and this is a new disease so below methods for prevention swine flu is not tasted in laboratory. So make all other prevention to protect you from swine flu:-
1.In Hindu methodology holy basil (tulsi) herb is use to fight and prevent flu and cold. So swallow 5-7 holy basil leave at morning to prevent your self from any type of flu (may be prevent from swine flu also)
2.If you have time to make some herbal tablet then take 20 holy basil(tulsi) leaves and 4 teaspoonfuls of maha sudarshana churna mix it with ½ cup Lemmon juice and grind until mixture is tight to make tablets.
3.Shape the mixture in 10 tablets by hand. Dry it in oven. And store dry tablet in air tight container.
4.Take one tablet every morning to prevent swine flu.
Remember that swine flu is spread from h1n1 virus and this is a new disease so above method for prevention swine flu is not tasted in laboratory. So make all other prevention to protect you from swine flu along with above tablets or holy basil leave. No liability is accepted in this purpose. Use only with your own check that it is safe and with consult of your doctor.

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