Saturday, April 3, 2010


Kaushik Ji,
I have Lump in my two breasts, Reason for that is after my first delivery I didn't remove my milk from my breast.
In the time of my Periods (Menses time) the lump is very small, then it grows... one again it goes very small after the next period’s time...
Before my Periods my two breasts get pain... I so afraid to go to Dr and any Radial Treatment. Please give me Mudra or any Natural Treatment to get out of My Breast Problem... I don't know whether it is Cancer or not... but I want to come out of this problem please help me...
Thanks a lot...
Kind Regards,

1. First of all I told you my legal obligation that you must visit your doctor. Because I am not a doctor so please consult your doctor before follow any of my tip.
2. In your case I think it is not a cancer because cancer is not reduce after it growth of lumps is related with your menstruation cycle so I think it is related with female hormone. But again told you that must check your doctor because if it cancer than in early stage surgical treatment is possible.
3. In aayurveda castor oil (arandi seeds oil) massage is a good remedy to dissolve milk lumps in breast. So take some castor oil and massage gently on breast at twice a day. But do not check lumps (glands) so many time because most often touch in lumps may increase there growth.
4. Take ayurvedic tablet “divya-kachnar gugale” 2-2 tablet twice daily with consult of doctor. It available at all baba ramdev stores in India or abroad. It is a good medicine to treat naturally all type of lumps and glands (ganth) in any part of body.
5. To rebalance your female hormone take “divya- estari rasayan bati” 2-2 tablet twice daily.
6. I think in one month of above treatment your problem may solve but read disclaimers in this site and consult your doctor before use any medicine.
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