Thursday, March 2, 2017

Transdermal Magnesium For Neck Pain, Back Pain, Joint Pain, Diabetes, BP And Stuttering

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If you or any of your relative complain these symptoms:- 1. Neck Pain 2. Back Pain 3. Joint Pain 4. Knee Pain 5. Ankle Pain 6. Mussels Stiffness. 7. Twitching Eye. 8. Stuttering. 9. Stammering. 10.Insomnia 11. Diabetes 12. High or Low BP
Then It may be Magnesium deficiency.

The Recent study shows the power of magnesium to cure these so called name of your chronic pain or your incurable chronic disease.
Here is the complete list of symptoms which you face if you are deficit in magnesium: -
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Diabetes mellitus
Parkinson’s disease
Circulatory disturbances (stroke, cardiac infarction, arteriosclerosis)
Cluster headaches
Cramps Abdominal pain
Stress-dependent disorders
Why you are the deficit of Magnesium?:-
1-Low stomach acid, common in older adults, because these days doctors blindly use stomach acid blockers like proton pump inhibitors. Remember you have acidity problem, your doctor recommended you one PPI capsule to take daily in empty stomach. And after some days you got above low magnesium symptoms because absorption of magnesium need high stomach acid and your acidity pills lower your stomach acid and you easily deficit in Magnesium due to low stomach acid.
2- Low magnesium diets, and eating too much dairy or cheese (Paneer) type active calcium supplementation replace your magnesium with calcium.
3- You drink only RO water which deficit in calcium or magnesium. 
4- Diabetes cause excess urination which drains magnesium.
5-Diarrhea and vomiting for any reason 
6-Excessive use of alcohol also causes magnesium deficiency.
7- Crohn’s disease, celiac sprue, and any disorder of the digestive or intestinal function.
8- Kidney disorders also cause magnesium deficiency.  
9. Genetic magnesium absorption disorders magnesium deficiency.
What is the remedy: - Very simple apply some magnesium oil on your skin and magnesium oil quickly absorb through the skin. You get instant relief without any oral supplementation.

What is Magnesium Oil:- Magnesium Chloride Solution in distilled or RO water known as Magnesium Oil, Buy Magnesium Chloride from your local chemist, take 1 cup  Magnesium Chloride flakes dissolve then in 1 cup water, this 1:1 solution of Magnesium Chloride:Water known as Magnesium oil because it is oily like an oil and easily absorb in your Skin, and you get relief from Magnesium deficiency.
What is the proof of this therapy: - I give you link to Amazon US, UK and India sites where you  find 650+ review in US store, 346 reviews in UK store, and 1+ Review in India Store all of these 1000+ Reviews are not fake, Visit these links to read these online buyers reviews:-

Now It is your time to share your honest reviews and  If you have any question about this alternative therapy then I am happy to reply your questions, 

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