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How To Develop Your Brest Portion ?

In developed countries, most of the woman choose breast augmentation surgery for enlarging his breast.
I think breast augmentation surgery is not a good idea for breast enlargement.
If women follow my natural breast enlargement tips with faith and patience, they can increase his breast size by two cups. It will happen naturally and without surgery. 
So many women are worried about her undeveloped breast. They think that they look ugly and feel guilty about her small breast portion.
 If the breast is small, then It is natural and not to effect on your child feeding. So here, some of the measures that are being discussed in the point of beauty and sex.
1 - Massage Oil: - take 100 ml olive oil
50 grams of the rind of the pomegranate fruit
20 grams cumin seeds
50 ml of pomegranate juice
Rind of the pomegranate fruit and cumin seeds mix with pomegranate juice in olive oil and boil until all the pomegranate juice is burn. Now after cooling store the oil and gently massage it over your breasts in the direction of clockwise and bottoms to the upper side.
Attention: - slowly massage the breasts if you take hard to massage it dissolve Fat deposited in your breast and your boobs can be small, so have to slowly.

2 – Take Ashwagandha Chuarna

Ashvagandhadi powder (an Indian ayurvedic medicine made by the powder of winter cherry herb root. Winter cherry Latin name is Withania somnifera linn if you find this herb root easily in your country then make this powder at home also) 1-1 teaspoonfuls with milk in the morning and evening.
If ashwgndhadi churna is not available in your country and you are still unable to find winter cherry root then do not worry, You may take barley powder (malt) instead of winter cherry root powder.
3-Take Contraceptive pills

like Mala - D, Ovral, etc. these pills content a lot of Female Harmon they increase Fat deposits in the breasts so take a course of these pills.

I have many books on Ayurveda and alternative medicines; recently I got an ancient book of my father late Shri Hiralal Kaushik.
I do not know the author of book and name of the book because most of the page from this book is destroyed ( i publish an image of breast development tip from this ancient book).
As per this book for increase cup size of female breast:-
" take 125 ml Buffalo milk and mix 14 ml almonds oil (badam rogan) in this milk then apply (massaging) the mixture on your both breast, if you do this than your breast will get shape, tightness, and thickness."
After using this tip, the breast will be developed in 7 days of using this method but for continue enjoy big b**s, repeat this process twice a week.
My suggestion:-
1. Use only pure edible quality badam (almond) oil from reputed company. I recommended Hamdard rogan badam shirin for it.
2.Consume( not orally..only external use on the breast) all the 139 ml mixture at within 6 hours of making it. Or make a fresh mixture every day.
3. for quantity half glass milk is equal to 125-130 ml, and three teaspoon almonds oil is equal to 14-15 ml.
4. Use only Buffalo milk cow milk is not used full for this.

 I requested to the users that after using this tip make your true comments that this home remedy for breast development is working for you or not.
 Almonds contain monounsaturated oleic acid which is an omega-9 fatty acid and also contains linoleum acid (a polyunsaturated omega-6 essential fatty acid), and palmitic acid (a saturated fatty acid).
So almond oil is a mild, lightweight oil which is easily absorbed by breast cells and enhances to storage of fats in breast mussels and full fill their fat cavity so always use almond oil and olive oil for breast massage if you want to grow your small breast and want to increase your cup size.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


As you knew I always prefer monastic celibacy and request you to do not misuse your sex power, but I write some articles to enhance sex power with natural products read these articles at this link
but some of old age people ask me any safe herbal product for sex power after age of 40+ , some of my blog readers ask sex power booster or herbal Viagra for heart patients and B.P ( blood pressure patients).
So I search a natural product with Arjuna (famous herb for heart and B.P) combination of sex power herbs like musli or ashvagandha, this is Himalaya-geriforte tablet but before you continue with this article remember
• Author is not a doctor and not authorized to prescribe ayurvedic medicine so ask qualified doctor before use Himalaya geriforte.
• This blog is only for educational purpose and not sell any medicine or products; popati blog is a non commercial blog.
Ingredients of Himalaya geriforte:-

• Main part of each tablet is 100 mg chyavanprash concentrate which enhance immunity and give power.
Then 30 mg ashvagandha which is famous antistress adaptogenic tonic.
• Then 20-20 mg shatavari, ( sex tonic) yastimadhu, (anti cough and cold also known as mulethi) mandukaparani, (brain tonic) shilajeet ( sex tonic),
• 15 mg of haritki for constipations.
• 13.8-13.8 mg himsra and kasani( liver tonic as a part of famous liv 52)
• 10-10 mg musali (sex tonic), makardhavaj (sex tonic) daruharidra, vasaka, jatiphalam, udakirayka, kapikachchu, pippali, jatipatree, bhirgraja (liver tonic) vriddadru, abhrak bhasma, jasad bhasma.
• 7 mg kesar (kumkuma)
• 6.5-6.5 mg arjuna and kakamachi ( heart tonic )
• 5-5 mg mandur bhasma, lavanga, ela, yawani, haridra, jyotismati ( brain tonic) and loh bhasma
So I think Himalaya geriforte tablet (syrup also available) is a safe and proven antistress adaptogenic comprehensive tonic for systemic and metabolic corrective so ask your doctor for this.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Respected Sir

Your posts are very use full I am very thank full for this. Sir was working in a call center for 2 years so I had to spend long hours working on computers again my body's biological cycle is also disturbed because of working night shifts. I suffer from headache for the entire day and I cant even sleep during night too. I have started consuming Ashwaganda churan since a month but no result....Sir please suggest some remedy sir.
I will Be thank full.
Ritika Manwani
1. Ritka ji please continue with ashwagandha churn i think you take it with milk.
2. please also take 2-2 drops shadbindu taila ( available at any Ayurveda's store or patanjalti store or asharam bapu store) in your each nostril's twice daily...remember  drops will be taken in nostril's not orally use.
as ayurveda shadabindu taila is very use full for chronic headache it also black your hair and give strength to eye ear and mind.. means complete ENT remedy.
3. during your working hours try to concentrate your breath when breath is intake mentally suppose so..and when out take of breath suppose ham.. repeat cycle ham..
4. in point 3 no word is pronounced only suppose your lips cannot move in this process.
5.time for this breath meditation:- whenever you remember this during your work and try to done it whole day if you really try this honestly only for a single day you may feel your body and mind is not tried due to night shift work and you are still fresh ( i work 14 hour a day and take jeep and bus journey near about 100 km every day  also use computer near about 8 hour in my work and home but if you meet me any time you find me always fresh because i try to meditate on breath in my whole day and during the journey.
6. please do not forget to make comments after using the formula , for help others..i request my readers please do not make fake comments without using like..sir can it really work??? Hi how many time i do this..? sir can this solve my problem..? i welcome all positive and negative comments after using the method because i am sure that if any one honestly using this method than he/she got supernatural power also.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Respected Sir Maheshji,
First of all I would like to thank you from bottom of my heart for your natural remedies scripted on your blog which had been boon to me many a times.
But I had a problem to which I am seeking a solution from you, I am working in corporate sector usually working very long hours on laptop and rest spare time sighting television...Base of my promblem is that because of constantly working with electronical devices, I am not able to sleep at night, I am not able to close my eyes and because of being very tired i didnt get proper sleep.
Sir, if you suggest me some natural remedies or exercise so that I get good sleep would be your favor to me...
waiting for your earliest reply
Ask by Nikhil advani
1. Nikhil advani ji in our ayurveda “ashvagandha herb” (withania somnifera linn )have good neurotransmitters which regenerate your brain cells, improve memory and also improve sexual power because sexual power is related to brain.
2. Asvagandha contains bithenioal, sommiferin, phytosterol which help to rest brain cells (actually your problem is not related with eyes because electronic devices enter ultraviolet and electromagnetic rays in your brain through your eyes) these rays disturb neurotransmitters in brain so we feel burning eyes and restlessness feelings. (ashvagandha give strength to body and brain according to charak sanhita and bhav prakash)
3. So after closing your work make a good habit fill your mouth with fresh cold water (in winter normal water) and wash your eye with normal water for 2-3 minutes as showmen images on this article.

4. Points 3 is look very simple but our ancients books of ayurveda says that “ which human fill his mouth with water and wash his eyes twice a day his eyesight never weak in his life”

And finally take ½ teaspoon full ashvagandha churna with milk at bed time or if you do not like test of ashvagandha churna then patanjali yogpeeth make divya-ashvagandha capsule take 1 ashvagandha capsule with milk and asaram bapu ashram make ashavagandha tablets also. So you have options to take ashavagandha churna or tablet or capsules. Benefit of this herb we discuss in point 1 and 2.
6. For insomnia i write a spate article in this blog read this link for this article on insomnia in this link
7. I think you may try these and tell us your progress in comments..i am sure it will positive.
8. Author of this post is registered doctor with Indian board of alternative medicine Calcutta in biochemic stream but not authorized to prescribe ayurvedic medicines so please consult qualified doctor before take any herbs or medicine.

Friday, June 10, 2011


1.This is the part 2 of my world famous article “ how to grow hair on bald head” if you not read part 1 of this article then first read it in this link before continue with this article:-

2. Now I tell you one simplest thing to grow hair that blood circulation on hair follicles is only thing that able to grow your hair because nutrient-rich blood that nourishes each hair follicle and this blood circulation will promote healthy hair growth and stop all type of hair loss.
3. All hair growing oils is based on this basic concept that massage of oil will increase blood circulation and reactivate hair company sell his hair oil @ 1500 per 100 ml but they add that daily 20 minute massage on bald head with theire oil will must for grow your lost hair again. I think this is the magic of massage because massage on bald head improves blood circulation on hair follicles with nutrient-rich blood that nourishes each hair follicle, and this blood circulation will promoting healthy hair growth.
4. so massage 20 minutes daily on bald head this any hair oil or specially hair oil which contains castor oil because new research ( as well as our ancient books also say) says” that daily massage of castor oil will re generate hair from dead hair follicles.
5. Make a simple hair growing oil at home mix 250 ml sesame oil and 50 ml castor oil and use it twice a day with 10-10 minutes massage...see the magic and make your true comments for inspiration of other readers of this article.
6. if you not able to make this oil at home then no problem go to any asharam bapu store and buy amla bhirngraj oil of asharam bapu ashram which composition is sesame oil 40 %, castor oil 10 %, eclipta alba (amla) 25 % , phyllanthus embellica(bhirngraj) 25% and mfg by achyutaya hariom pharma. We find this oil very good and very effective for re generate lost hair, stop hair loss and making hair black (dark). Please also remember this blog not sell this oil and anything else because this blog is a non commercial free service.
7. When we rub our nails then it also increase blood circulation in hair follicles because nerve of nails connected with nerve of hair follicles.

key words :- natural formula for grow hair on bald head, asharam bapu ji tips for grow hair, get rid from bald head new research of hair growth on bald head. stop hair loss
oil for grow hair on bald head

Sunday, May 1, 2011


dear kaushik, thnx for ur effort , really useful blog.
i jitender mishra have recently seeing my blood sugar around rbs-220 -250 mg/dl
my age is 41yrs male in mumbai.kindly help as i do not want to start allopathy medicines.
thnx in adv.

It is say that “once you are diabetic then it never be cure only maintenance is possible” but I think these type of words closed all doors of new research so today I give some alternative treatments for diabetes which is claimed as permanent cure of diabetes I think this article be able to make a worldwide healthy discussion on permanent cure of diabetes and your views are invited in comments of this article.
First of all we give a short scientific look that what is diabetes and how a patient declare diabetic
WHAT IS DIABETES:- your blood sugar level is always maintain between 110-125 by body natural process if you take much sugar then insulin hormone change it in for of glycogen and deposit it for future in your liver. Near about 100 gm glycogen is deposit in your liver and when you are on fast then our body change this glycogen to sugar just like a bank excess sugar is deposit in liver and when you need this deposit sugar is release in blood so your sugar level always maintain 110-125 but when your pancreas secretion of insulin hormone is poor then body is unable to change excess sugar in glycogen and your sugar level is increase in blood and urine.
1. There is only one herb in world which regenerates dead pancreas cells called giloy or guduchi or Tinospora cordifolia so take 150 ml fresh giloy juice at morning. I write a separate article on this so first read this at this link

2. Second step done 5-5 manduk asana of baba ramdev at evening and morning search you tube video of mandukasna baba ramdev if you do not knew how to done manduk asana it also re generate beta cells of pancreas which secrete insulin.
3. Third is a meditation, in yoga it is believe that when our Manipur chakra (The celiac plexus is often popularly referred to as the solar plexus ) is disturb in body then it may cause diabetes so every morning just after sunrise sit down against the rising sun ,closed your eye and suppose red triangle at your abdomen part as shown in the picture and repeat mantra rm rm rm rm rm rm…………….and after continue repeat mantra rm near about 5-10 minutes stop mantra and start thinking that my pancreas is start work again it secretion is normal my god is always with me who digest my food? My god digests my food. Who control my blood circulation my heart beat my breath? My god control all of these so my god also re generate my pancreatic beta cells ……rm rm rm rm rm.
4. Please read more detail about The celiac plexus is often popularly referred to as the solar plexus in this link
5. make popati diabetes cure oil at home ( we do not sell this oil you must be made it fresh at your home ) how to make this oil and use this read this article of my blog
6. After continue 30 days using of these giloy juice, manduka asana, meditation and herbal oil with faith check your sugar again if it is normal then reduce your allopathic medicine and check after every 7 days if it is normal then again reduce medicine and again check it …at least closed all medicine then check is normal
7. I have no diabetes but I not eat and drink white sugar for last some time and I think white sugar and sugar sweets are not necessary part of our life it all are dangers like a poison so after and between your treatment do not use white sugar soft drinks sweets etc just take honey if your sugar level come in normal.
8. Done 1 hour morning walk every day without any break of single day
9. I think this method is simple and want only practice and faith anyone who follow these tips please give your true comments for faith of other user.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hello Mr Kaushik,
I was wanting to know if you had any tips on increasing concentration as well? I'm a student and have my entrance exams very soon. Can you help, please?
1. Paras ji I tell you a very simple and effective method to improve your concentration if you practice this method with faith and continuously then it is not only increase your memory power but also give you some super natural power like future vision.
2. First of all you have a question that can I try this method and get supernatural power? then my reply is “ this method looks simple but very hard to continue practice when I practice continue then feel some inner vision but as I stop practice due to time shortage and other family and environmental problems then inner vision will be disappear.
3. And but partially practice of my method name “ TRATKA” is VERY SOON give you concentration and memory.
4. How to start TRATKA? Simple. Just get up before sunrise and after your daily routine take bath and seat down in front of a DEEPAK ( lamp making with cotton and ghee like this image )
5. See the flame without eye blinking and do not think anything in your mind no any mantra no any god name only flame and you is there see only flam think only flam.
6. When your eye start watering and feel pressure for blinking then blink and try again after 3 eye blinking stop practice for evening ( first day you blink eyes 3 time and eye start watering in 2-3 minutes time is vary person to person )
7. At evening repeat the process.
8. In 7 day continue practice you see your time is up and you are able to practice in 5-10 minutes.
9. After 7 day of continue practice of twice daily you may enter in next part of game now After 3 eye blinking close your eye then you see flam ( like photo negative ) in your closed eye try to concentration of this flam.
10. After 30 day of continue practice your time is up near 10-15 minutes then you may see some other things of nature from coming future.
11. In 6 months of practice your time is up 20-30 minutes in open eye and 20-30 minutes in closed eye then you may see anything of future and worshiped like a god but getting this position is not very simple because when you stop practice for some day then it will be start from first day.
12. Try this method and share your experience after real try and practice of some day please not make fake and foolish comments like “ are this really work?” how to start this? How many day how many time I take for result? Only serious comments who making after practice is publish and replied by author.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

SIPMLE PERMANENT TREATMENT OF ACNE/Leukorrhea / vaginal yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis

Now I make a new research on ACNE/ Leukorrhea / vaginal yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis treatment this is also helpful to cure other skin infections or allergic eczema, acne near anus or bumps on skin or anal area.
First of all I request you that read this article completely before switch to other page because I think when you see simplicity of this idea then you think it may worthless or non working tip but I describe in last part of this article that how it work? (Also give reference of this idea for acne cure).
Use this simple formula: -
consume 100 ml pure curd with your morning food (lunch), only once a day because consumption of curd at dinner or at night is wrong for health.
Second apply dilute curd on acne at night.
Use this simple method for 30 day and feel the power of this simple formula.
How this formula work: - curd contains live bacteria name lactic acid bacillus, and Lactic acid bacteria also colonize the skin and mucus membranes and play an important role in preventing bacterial and fungal infections of the skin and genito-urinary tract. Lactobacilli have a protective role against vaginal infections. They utilize glycogen in the vaginal epithelial cells to produce lactic acid which helps to maintain the pH of this environment between 4.0 and 4.5, which creates a non-conducive environment for the growth of pathogens like Candida albicans, Trichonomas vaginalis and some of the non-specific bacteria, which are responsible for vaginal infections. (cursity:- )

Alternate treatment of this formula: - if you do not like curd then use tablet:-sporlac twice daily with consult of your doctor and apply thin solution of sporlac tablet on acne but consultation of doctor and perform a skin allergy test is must for this alternate.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hi, My wife is 26 years old. For the last 6 months she has been having
sciatica pain which goes in her whole right leg sometimes. 2 months
ago she had MRI scan done. Doctors report says " Disc thinning is seen
from L3 to S1 with only generalised disc bulging predominant at L5-No
It just means that there is disc thinning because of which its coming
out a bit which is causing pain in sciatic nerve.
My wife has been doing yoga as well but it only helps some time and as
soon as she goes to work the pain increases. She has to sit in the
office for about 8 hours.
I have heard about Sandhi Sudha oil is that effective?
It is a very serious problem for us.Please provide some more solutions.
Thanks & Regards,

1. Take 2-2 tablet divya-tryodashang gugule ( or baidhnaith-tryodasang gugule if divya pharmacy medicine not available) with Luke warm water after meal
2. Take 2-2 tablet-divya or baidhnaith yograj gugule (please not to take mahayograj gugule) with Luke warm water after meal.
3. Take 2-2 teaspoonful divya or baidhnaith maharasnadi quath after meal.
4. Done a simple spiritual formula even if you not believe it ( because I knew that after you done it you believe it ) start it from Tuesday and done it till Saturday means total 5 day you may done this spiritual formula which describe below:-
Repeat mantra “ nase rog hare sab pira japat nirntar hanumat bira “ mentally during your work in these 5 day means when you are not involve in direct mental work like in travelling bathing, walking, etc then repeat this mantra mentally try maximum repetition in these day.
After repetition of first day you feel your 10-20 % pain is heal and in second day you feel 25-50 % relief and if third day 60-70 % relief and in fourth of fifth day you get 90-100 % relief. After relief visit nearest hanuman temple and done worship as you like and as you oblige.
5. Make a homemade oil for external massage take 100 ml castor oil and 100 gm ginger boil ginger in 250 ml water sieve this water mix it with castor oil and boil again till all water is burn and only oil is remain ..Apply this castor-ginger oil in affected part twice a day.
6. Please consult your doctor before taking Ayurvedic medicines in point 1 to 3 because I am not authorized to prescribed medicines. These medicines should be taking minimum 2 -3 months for permanent relief.
7. If any pain is remain after 5 days of point 4 then repeat this spiritual formula again in next Tuesday to Saturday.
8. In point 5 castor ginger oil should be applied for 1 month even if you have no pain.
9. As my style I invite true comments of people who are benefited from this article and if medicines describe in point 1-3 is not available in your country then you may try only point 4-5
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Sunday, January 23, 2011


One of our reader shri mansoor nathani ji ask solution for their son permanent cough and cold due to allergy (we check TEC, means total eosinofills counts for identify allergy if TEC is high then normal range then it show allergy)
Some people continue suffering from cough and cold and repeated sneezing they think there immune power is weak and take medicine like chyavanprash amla septiline etc for making strong immune power but these medicines is not beneficial in this type allergic cough and cold. So today we discuss about alternative treatment for continue cough and cold and repeated sneezing due to allergy.

This article is only for educational purpose please consult your doctor before follow it
1. Take 100 gm mamra badam giri ( sweat almonds), 100 gm sugar or bura , 50 gm black peepers ( kali mirch) grinding it until it convert in to powder . Sieve it and store in a dry container. Take this churna 1 teaspoonful at night with milk.( this formula is told by baba ramdev in their camps)
2. Take hamdard-sharbat unnab (a unani medicine for cough and cold) 2-2 teaspoonful after food twice daily.
3. Take divya-shavashari pravahi 1-1 teaspoonful twice daily after food.
4. Take aswagandhadi churna and shatavari churna then mix both churna in a dry air tight container take ¼ teaspoonful twice with milk or bourn vita milk this formula also increase height ,body, mental and sex power and in woman develop breast.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Hi my name is dinesh.
I want tips for avoid premature ejaculation

1. My first tip for longer sex duration is “always urinate before enter into sex foreplay”.
2. Second first concentrate your partner orgasm means do activity for your partner not to think your erotic points.
3. Foreplay is must thing always make your partner hot before start real physical contact and in physical contact not to think about sexual activities, concentrate your mind on other points.
4. Speed up and down and stop for 2-3 seconds in physical contact not to continue in equal speed.
5. wear condom or apply xylocane 5 % cream to reduce sensitivity of your organ, please consult doctor before use xylocane 5 % cream.
6. After your partner orgasm you may free for your play as you like.
7. Not to think about sex before start foreplay.
8. If you are so excited about sex or may enter in to sex after a long time then it is good to drainage your seamen 6 hour before this sex.
9. I have already written an article for avoid premature ejaculation so if you not read this then also read this.

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