Sunday, May 30, 2010


Mr. Chandra ask me alternative treatment for enlarge prostate(Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia). So in this article I told you some alternative methods for get rid your enlarge prostate problem.
1. Take divya:-chandrprbha bati 2-2 tablet twice daily with I galas of hot water( with consult of doctor)
2. In this blog we shown acupressure points for enlarge prostate. Pressure these points ( which shown in image as black circle) 5-5 minutes twice daily.
3. Use homeopathic medicine Chimaphilla umbellate 30 with consult of your doctor. ( Homeopathic treatment is based on symptoms so match your various symptoms at this link
4. Done a simple exercise daily with empty stomach. Shrink up your anus and leave it again shrink up your anus and leave it……….done it 20 times daily.
5. If you take chandrprabha bati, acupressure, shrink-release anus exercise with symptoms base homeo medicine your prostate may cure without operation in 3 months you may feel results in first 2-3 days.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hi Kaushikji
Can u helps me??
What is the best Divya (Ramdev) product for Arthritis??
Any other recommendations for the above to problem?
Thanks a lot


1. Chandra ji I think divya-tryodashang gugale + divya yograj gugale is best remedy for arthritis.
2. In above 2 medicine divya-tryodashang gugale is more effective because in ayurveda it is say tryodashang gugale have capacity to able handicapped for walking.
3. divya-alovira juice also given in arthritis.
4. For complete relief it is must to taken 2-2 tablet of these medicines with divya-maharasnadi kwath at least 6 months without forgetting a day. Also take complete pranayama package.
5. for external massage make a simple oil at home (it is not available in market)
but in my experience I found it very good and very effective and one patient treat himself with this oil without taking any inner medicine. so do not doubt on simplicity of this oil I think you must try this oil one time without inner medicine or with divya- tryodasang gugale only
Sesame oil 250 ml
Onion 100 gm
Garlic 100 gm
Parsley 100 gm
6. Boil parsley, cut piece of onion and garlic with 250 ml water for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes Mix one-one teaspoonful sesame oil while boiling. After mixing all oil boil it until all water is burn. Sieve it in a bottle.
7. Rub the oil at effected part every night.
8. you may also contact baba ramdev vaidh online phone number and mail ID for baba ramdev patanjli yogpitha is
Phone No: 01334- 240008
Fax No. : 01334-244805, 240664
E-mail :

or visit site of baba ramdev ji

Monday, May 3, 2010


1. Today I told you a magic remedy for diabetes control it is say that it will cure diabetes in 60 day of continue use but I use “control” word instead of “cure” but your comments help me to find realty of this tip.
2. This is a very simple remedy take 500 gm fresh bitter gourd (karela) cut it in piece and takes 50 gm of neem (Azadirachta indica) leaf. Juice out them with help of mixer grinder.

3. After sieve it you will find near about 100 ml juice. Then mix it with 100 ml mustard oil in a bottle. It will not dissolve properly so shake well before every uses. And store it in freeze (not freezer).
4. Every morning shake well this bottle and massage the mixer on your whole body skin before bath. After massage wait 45 minutes to bath. In this 45 minutes take simple exercise.
5. After 21 day of uses check your diabetes. You may wonder it is normal.
6. If you take insulin or other medicine consult your doctor before discontinue medicine or reduce doze.
7. How it is work: - there are millions of pours in our skin. This oil+ bitter gourd juice is absorbed by this pours and reduce your sugar.
8. This tip is search by inner inspiration of shri asharam bapu ji read similar tips of shri bapu ji on following link in Hindi

9. after 7 day regular use of this oil your body is resistant for mosquito bites so it will prevent you from mosquito without any coils or liquid.

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