Sunday, June 28, 2009

Natural estrogen found in cabbage and broccoli

Natural estrogen found in cabbage and broccoli in a large amount and also estrogen inhibitors so woman who looks natural estrogen foods may use cabbage or broccoli as there food.
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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Early ejaculation is not a disease. Early ejaculation shows that your erotic state is on peak level and your control on mind is less. So read following tips carefully and apply them today you will be get a great result.
1. Take some tamarind seeds and fry them without oil in a hot cookware. You can also use oven. Fry until it cover burn and see black but inner yellow part is only partly burn. After cooling them removed, it burned cover by hand. And sucking and chewing slowly it inner yellow partly burn part like a nut. You can suck maximum 5 seeds in a day. This process increases your ejaculation time significantly in 3-7 days. These methods are harmless and also control your acidity or diabetes.
2. During the sex, change your mind in other things. It means between the sexes you imagine mountain, river, temple, birds, pets, a car, and a platform seen. However, done this change is only for few seconds because if you change your attention for a long time you loose your erection. So, rotate your mind between the sex and other tings.
3. Not to use tamarind (tamarind increase pre mature ejaculation but it seeds decrease early ejaculation), grapes, alcohol, précis, and other tings which are acetic in nature.
4. Think about sex only when then you really doing it. If you think all the time about sex and see pornographic matter it stimulate sex center in your mind and early ejaculation is results of stimulated sex center.
5. Some pen killers like diclofenac sodium, peracitamole, nimesulide ibrufene block your nervous system so sex stimulation go slowly to sex center and increase sex time but use these drugs only on emergency and after consult your doctor read caution in this blog.
I hope if you follow these methods then pre mature (early) ejaculation is not a matter for you. Please leave your comments about this article it will be help us to improve our work.
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

How to reduce excess fat from your hip and stomach

We give you 10 very easy tips to reduce your excess fat in 7 days. We are sure that if you strictly follow these tips then you must be loose your stomach more then 5 inch in a weak
1.Take one-teaspoon fenugreek powder at bedtime with warm water. My physics teacher had a very fatty stomach. One day I meet him in a bank after a long time. I see his stomach fat is dissolve and they look very smart and young. I ask them where his stomach fat goes. Then they told me that they use fenugreek churna for reduce stomach fat. I try it 100 of people and find a good result.
UPDATE:-Some of people report in comment that fenugreek powder not work for them, i reserch again in deep and find that woman in age of 35-45 not get good resulet by fenugreek powder because their female hormone imbalance protect them to loose weight so if you are female in age range of 35-45 then please use Charak-M2tone syrup twice daily with this method, M2tone syrup will balance female hormon and your stomach is become flat.( Remember use any medicine with consult of your doctor.)

2.Take one teaspoon Trifla Churna (Trifla Churna is an herbal medicine made by harda baheda amla herb in India) after your lunch. Use it with warm water.
3.Avoid day sleeping strictly. Day sleeping is the main region to increase fat on your hips and stomach. You can spend your noon with your hobby and watching TV.
4.At the morning, take 1 glass water with one teaspoonful honey+one teaspoonful lime juice.
5.Take baba ramdev pranayama pakage for 30 minuts minimum every day 2 minutes bhastrika, 10 minutes kapal bhati 10 minutes anulom viloma and bhramari see full video of baba ramdev pranayama in this link
6.Walk 1-2 km every day. You can also walk on ceiling of your home.
7.Avoid contraceptives pills.
8.Do not use potato, rice, oily and spicy food, ghee etc. if it is difficult then reduce quantity of this item.

9.Take warm water in a pot, then put a towel in this warm water, and then rinses your fatty area with this towel.
10.Follow above 9 points with faith and confidence for minimum 7 days, If you do not get result then you are free to leave these method and  please also leave a comments in this blog article then I resolve that why your fat is not burn by these sure methods. I am sure if you follow these 10 points strictly you lose 5-10 kg weight and reduce 5-10 inch of stomach or hips.

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