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dear kaushik, thnx for ur effort , really useful blog.
i jitender mishra have recently seeing my blood sugar around rbs-220 -250 mg/dl
my age is 41yrs male in mumbai.kindly help as i do not want to start allopathy medicines.
thnx in adv.

It is say that “once you are diabetic then it never be cure only maintenance is possible” but I think these type of words closed all doors of new research so today I give some alternative treatments for diabetes which is claimed as permanent cure of diabetes I think this article be able to make a worldwide healthy discussion on permanent cure of diabetes and your views are invited in comments of this article.
First of all we give a short scientific look that what is diabetes and how a patient declare diabetic
WHAT IS DIABETES:- your blood sugar level is always maintain between 110-125 by body natural process if you take much sugar then insulin hormone change it in for of glycogen and deposit it for future in your liver. Near about 100 gm glycogen is deposit in your liver and when you are on fast then our body change this glycogen to sugar just like a bank excess sugar is deposit in liver and when you need this deposit sugar is release in blood so your sugar level always maintain 110-125 but when your pancreas secretion of insulin hormone is poor then body is unable to change excess sugar in glycogen and your sugar level is increase in blood and urine.
1. There is only one herb in world which regenerates dead pancreas cells called giloy or guduchi or Tinospora cordifolia so take 150 ml fresh giloy juice at morning. I write a separate article on this so first read this at this link

2. Second step done 5-5 manduk asana of baba ramdev at evening and morning search you tube video of mandukasna baba ramdev if you do not knew how to done manduk asana it also re generate beta cells of pancreas which secrete insulin.
3. Third is a meditation, in yoga it is believe that when our Manipur chakra (The celiac plexus is often popularly referred to as the solar plexus ) is disturb in body then it may cause diabetes so every morning just after sunrise sit down against the rising sun ,closed your eye and suppose red triangle at your abdomen part as shown in the picture and repeat mantra rm rm rm rm rm rm…………….and after continue repeat mantra rm near about 5-10 minutes stop mantra and start thinking that my pancreas is start work again it secretion is normal my god is always with me who digest my food? My god digests my food. Who control my blood circulation my heart beat my breath? My god control all of these so my god also re generate my pancreatic beta cells ……rm rm rm rm rm.
4. Please read more detail about The celiac plexus is often popularly referred to as the solar plexus in this link
5. make popati diabetes cure oil at home ( we do not sell this oil you must be made it fresh at your home ) how to make this oil and use this read this article of my blog
6. After continue 30 days using of these giloy juice, manduka asana, meditation and herbal oil with faith check your sugar again if it is normal then reduce your allopathic medicine and check after every 7 days if it is normal then again reduce medicine and again check it …at least closed all medicine then check is normal
7. I have no diabetes but I not eat and drink white sugar for last some time and I think white sugar and sugar sweets are not necessary part of our life it all are dangers like a poison so after and between your treatment do not use white sugar soft drinks sweets etc just take honey if your sugar level come in normal.
8. Done 1 hour morning walk every day without any break of single day
9. I think this method is simple and want only practice and faith anyone who follow these tips please give your true comments for faith of other user.

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