Friday, March 4, 2016

My New Research for Haemorrhoids Cure.

I tell a mantra in Hindi language on my Hindi dugdugi blog which help many people to get permanent rid from piles ( Bavasir or haemorrhoids) you can read this mantra here:-
and also write an English article earlier on this blog here:-
many people get relief from there haemorrhoids with help of above 2 articles but recently I got a new research about piles fast and prompt cure without surgery.
My New Research for Haemorrhoids Cure:- Take 1 capsule of  any good pre and pro biotic  (twice a day after meals) and see the noticeable improvement in your constipation, anal itch, piles,
haemorrhoids within this 3 day treatment.
How pre and pro biotic work on piles treatment:- Actually piles and constipation is caused by candida ( Yeast) overgrowth in your large intestine. pre and pro biotic remove this underlying cause of anal itch, inflammation, bleeding and piles.
1.What is pre and pro-biotic;-they are good bacteria which found in our intestinal flora , I can not write more about per and pro-biotic in this article because if you want to learn more about this you may visit this article on net:-
2. Which brand of pre-biotic I use for piles:- I am not a doctor so not authorized to write a pre-biotic brand for you but personally I use Capsule Bifilac when I join a spicy dinner party or a marriage party to prevent gas, constipation or piles  or when I forget to get this bifilac or eat  spicy foods then I got piles ( which remove within 2-3 days when I take bifilac twice a day so this is the point where I catch this research ).
3. What is Candida or yeast overgrowth?:- You can find more about intestinal yeast overgrowth here:-
4. Can I avoid certain food during treatment:- Yes, you can avoid Indian curd (dahi) lassi , curry, meat, eggs, non veg foods,any milk base probiotic like dahi, yogurt ,Paneer (Cheese), more then 250 ml milk and sweets make from milk is also avoided. 
because Indian curd or dahi is make from uncontrolled bacterial strain which contain both good and bad bacteria so if you take  with capsule form of good bacteria spors then you get nil result.
Non veg, Paneer and milk promote bad intestinal bacterial growth so these food also interfere with pre biotic result
5. Can I chanting mantra with this pre biotic treatment:- Yes, recite this mantra 21 time in front of water pot and after every chanting exhale your breath on this water , after your bowl movement and after 21 time chanting wash your anus with this water.

Om Kaka Karta Krori Karta Om Karta Se Hoye
Yarasna Dash Hans Pragate Khooni Badi Bavasir Na 

Hoye. Mantra Janke Na Bataye to Dwadash Brahma

 Hatya Ka pap Hoy Lakh Jap Kare Vake Vansh Mein Na 

Hoye Shabda Sancha, Pind Kacha, Phuro Mantra Eswaro


6. Any other recommendation:- ask rutin capsule with your doctor because rutin is a flavanoid which help good intestinal health or recover haemorrhoids fast

Now it is your time to comment:-

Warning:- Take any pre and pro-biotic ( including bifilac) and food supplement ( Rutin) with consult of a qualified doctor only author of this article is not a doctor and no liability is accepted in any manner, this article not recommended any medicine and only for educational purpose.

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