Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hyperventilation V/s Stuttering

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Are you suffering from any one /all of these disease:-
1. Stammering.
2. Stuttering
3. Depression
4. Insomnia
5. Excess Bloating or belching
6. Neck pain
7. Back pain
8. Eye lid twitching.
9. Numbness in Hand, Finger or Leg.
10. Twitching in other part of body.
11. Thyroid syndrome.
Then in single term you are suffering from Hyperventilation.
What Hyperventilation Mean:- Hyperventilation means lack of carbon di oxide  ( CO2) in blood stream.
How Hyperventilation Effect Your Life:- This  low level  COof reduce Ca+ (calcium) and Mg+ (magnesium) Ions in your blood stream that cause Imbalance in your brain and you may suffer from:-
1. Stammering.
2. Stuttering
3. Depression
4. Insomnia 
This reduced level of Ca+ and Mg+ Ions make warning signs like:-
1.Eye lid twitching.
2.Numbness in Hand, Finger or Leg.
3.Twitching in other part of body.
This reduced level of Ca+ and Mg+ Ions abandoned normal functions of mussels that cause:-
2. Stuttering.
3. Neck Pain
4. Back Pain.
Your Stomach produce less H+ ions due to low Ca+ and Mg+ levels so your intestine has an overgrowth of harmful yeasts which produce more CO2 in intestine (not in blood stream) so this will cause you  Excess Bloating or belching.
How to Recover this Hyperventilation:- Calcium and Magnesium supplements not help to achieve proper level of  calcium and magnesium in blood stream because until you have not proper carbon di oxide in your blood stream you may not get desired calcium and magnesium in your blood.
So Breath holding exercise is the only way to achieve proper CO2 level in blood stream so read this article to learn more about breath holding exercise:-
Watch this video:-

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