Friday, June 27, 2014

Herbal (Domestic) Formula to Get Pregnant.

1. I live in Pindwara which is situated in tribal area of Rajasthan,  in this tribal area  one person give holistic treatment to women which wishing to conceive.
2. This person gives parsley (Ajwayan) to these woman and before giving him, he was reading a mantra on this parsley.
3.He says to his devotee woman that every night they take a half teaspoon of this parsley after meals. ( Start from   the third day of menses) And after his treatment almost 99 % woman's get pregnant . 
4.I tested this treatment and found that in this treatment mantra has no any effect ,actually parsley increase level of female hormone and if any ladies take parsley just 1-2 hour before of breeding then it increase ovulation and increase chance of get conceive.
5. People who are farmers they knew that how to breed cows  when a cow is in heat (in abundant sexual urge cow make strange noises) then the ox is more likely to conceive them. 
6. That is the secret of this Ajwayan(parsley) formula.
7. So If You have taken ½ teaspoon parsley just after dinner, It will  increase your female hormone levels  and about two hours later when you having sexual intercourse your female hormone is reached in the highest level, It will helps in ovulation and help to get pregnant.
8.Ajwayan It is also used for women who have low sexual desire this formula will  increases sexual desire in woman's. 9.Therefore, I appeal to the readers of this blog that do not waste of money in unnecessary drugs, try this simple formula, and  Maximum share this article  to benefit the needy.
10. Try this simple formula, if you not get conceive in first month then repeat this formula in next month and I notice that within 3 months most of women get conceive if all other reports of her (and her husband sperm count) are normal.
11. Do not forget to make comment when you get conceive with help of this formula.
12. Read Hindi version of this article here

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