Tuesday, September 29, 2009


How to get rid from insomnia and wake up early in the morning. Postanswer on popati ask by shri Anil Vishwakarma ji
1. In 75 percent case of insomnia patient have a history of day sleeping habit. If anyone sleep in day that create a bad cycle of sleeping. If anyone sleep only ½ hour at day it will disturb all of your biological clock and disturb all your hormone and cause hypothyroid or insomnia or high blood pressure.
3. Use punarnva mool tablate, punarnava is a herb that root use in ayurveda at punarnava. You find it any store or asharam bapu ashram where asharam bapu medicines or literature available. In asharam bapu asharam 100 tablet of punarnava mool is available at price of 20 only use 2 –2 tablet twice daily with water.
4. Punarnava is a liver or nerve tonic but give us a relaxation effect and cause a sound sleep without any side effect basically punarnava treat your digestive system and there are a co relation between sleep or digestive system you feel if you eat less at night that your sleep is sound. Use it only for 25 day after that discontinue this treatment.
5. If you are unable to find asharam bapu store then go to any ayurvedic store and take “punarnavarista” punarnavarista is an ayurvedic syrup made by punarnava.
6. Take your night food light and before 2 hour of bed time (as I describe in point 4 that there are a co relation between digestive system and sleep)
7. Use ashwagandhadhi churna 1-1 teaspoonfull twice daily with milk this herbal churna is a brain tonic and make strong your body and brain nerve. If you use this churna with milk you feel less tired. As you know that aswagandha is a harmless herb and food supplement so you can use it life long or discontinue after some days, as you like.
8. In given picture see the acupressure point for insomnia. Pressure 5 minutes at upper part of your 4rth finger (start thumb as 1) of both hand.
9. Make a herbal oil at home take 500 ml of coconut oil and mix 500 ml of pumpkin juice in this oil put it on gas burner at low flame cook it until all pumpkin juice is burn then sieve it in a bottle. This oil is big brother of almond oil rinse it on your head and foot flat at night.
10.Finally when you are in bed close your eye and give your concentration at aghya chakra (between the both eye where we take tilak) and repeat om 108, om 107, om 106, om 105, om 104……………………………to om1, this is one mala of spiritual energy om which you repeat in descending order as om one hundred eight or om ek so ath………to om one or om ek.
11. When you done point 10 meditation your lips are not movement concentrate on your breath when you inhale breath repeat mentally Om without move lips and when you exile breathe repeat number mentally without move lips.
Moreover, this is sure that if you follow above 11 points you cannot complete one mala of this meditation in between of this meditation you are going in to sleep.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

homeopathic prevantion for swine flu

I read an article on news paper that if one can take 2 drops of homeopathic medicine influenzinum 200 once a week he may prevent from swine flu. Please make your own check about this medicine or consult your homeopathic doctor for more detail about this.
If any one has more detail about use of influenzinum 200 to prevent h1n1 flu please give detail in comments.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


1.my wife has suffering from ankle pain (sprain)since last 2 year.
2. This ankle pain called spur by doctors is high at morning and she is unable to walk few steps and after some time pain is mild but this mild pain is still remaining at all time of day.
3. I consult a physician which is MD (medicine) he told me that ankle pain is non specific non origin pain and medical science does not find the reason of ankle pain it will be appear without any reason and heel without any reason. He gives some painkiller like nimesulaide and some multi vitamins to treat my wife but no result.
4. Some physician say the bone of ankle is large and some say the bone of ankle is shrink and I get him treatment with newly search medicine diacerin (orcerin )50 mg 1 month single daily and next 5 month twice daily but no result is there.
5. Some surgeon say they done a minor surgery to my wife ankle but I not accept for surgery.
6. I use homeopathic treatment to treat chronic ankle pain like ledam 30 ruta 200-rux tox 200 but no result is there.
7. Some doctor say they give a injection of steroid name cortisone in my wife ankle but we do not accept this formula because we hear that some time steroid injection punch in to nerve and cause paralysis.
7. In result of above treatment we are very hopeless and remember our god and stop all allopathic treatment and take shelter of god (the picture shown in this article is sai baba our guru and holy godess durga )we decided to take only 2-ayurvedic medicine (by inner inspiration of god and some knowledge of ayurveda)
Divya-yograj gugal 2 tab twice daily
Divya- tryodashang gugul 2 tab twice daily
After use these 2 medicine we saw a minor result in 1 months of continue use with faith and the name of god after 2 months 50 percent relief is there and in 3 months my wife ankle pain is cure 100 percent.


I have skin problem like allergic eczema since my born and try to make all kind of treatment in ayurvedic homeopathic and allopathic but no one cure my eczema or skin problem 100 percent.
I think I spent more then 100000 Indian rupees in allopathic medicine like betnovate cream lobate GM cream elecon cream quadiderm cream cloben G cream or oral use of cetzine betnesole avil etc but they all show a temporary result when use these medicines and after discontinue of treatment symptoms occurs again.
I saw baba ramdev anulom viloma pranayama on TV and start it 20 minutes daily. Pranayama is a Indian breathing exercise.
In 2-3 months of practice of anuloma, viloma pranayama I find my skin problem is cure 100 percent.
Click here to see a full video of anulom viloma pranayama
If I discontinue pranayama my skin problem appear again but this is not a problem because pranayama is free and it give me other benefit also so this is a magic wonder free treatment of eczema without any side effect.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


In ayurvedic treatment most of vaidh give aviptikar churna or hingvastak churna in acidity or gas but I think they are wrong. Because of these churna contains hing , black peeper, clove they worse the situation because they irritate your stomach and your hyperacidity is up because of these churna so please do not use these churna to cure hyperacidity they are useful in gas problems .
I find a simple formula to quick and long lasting relief from hyperacidity in ayurveda so share my formula with you for educational purpose only please consult your doctor before use it
Divya- praval pisti 10 gm
Divya- giloy satwa 10 gm

Mix these two ayurvedic bhasma of baba ramdev divya pharmacy (you can use baidhynath company praval pisti or giloy satva also if baba ramdev medicines not found in your city)
Take it ¼ teaspoonful when needed it will work like ranitidine or pentoparazole and give a quick relief from acidity or hurt burn if any body use it twice daily for 15 days there problem is permanently cure.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Acupressure to improve eyesight.

Acupressure 5 minutes twice a day on the area in your palm(flat of hand)between the forefinger and middle finger as shown in photo.
This will cure all your eyesight problem included myopia or cataract. This acupressure is suggested by baba ramdev

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