Saturday, March 24, 2012

Get complete rid from acne and buttocks pimples in 21 days.

Last year I am suffer from buttocks pimples and feel that how painful to live with this small but painful situation of life.

My daughter also suffers from acne, so I read my ancient alternative treatment books to locate any treatment.
In one book I find “use 21 days Chandraprabha Vati with giloy and get complete rid from pimples” than I try to use this formula on myself and on my daughter.
Here is result
1. My daughter take DIVYA- Chandraprabha Vati1-1 tablet twice daily with divya-giloy ghan bati 1-1 tablet twice daily and after 21 days no any acne and pimple on her face result 100 % good and I am very happy to see this result.
2. Then I plan to try this formula on myself I use himalya-geriforte instead of chanderprbha bati because geriforte and Chandraprabha Vati is near about same formula and also take giloy ghan bati (both are 1-1 twice daily ) after 21 days same result no any new painful buttocks pimple.
after that i recommended these to many boys and girls which suffer from facial acne and all of them get rid from acne with help of this formula
So it is prove that Chandraprabha Vati with giloy ghan bati enhance our immunity and useful to treat methisiline resistant staphylococcus bacteria which cause acne and pimples. Please consult your doctor before follow this because I am not a doctor and one can also use tab immumod of merind company instead of giloy ghan bati because immumod also contains 500 mg giloy extract as giloy ghan bati.
You may also continue this ayurvedic treatment after 21 days because it is build up immune power and prevent all of bacterial and viral infections.
I use geriforte and immumod since last 1 year and not get any cold infection , skin infection and abdomen infection from last 6 months ( in past due to my low immunity I frequently get common cold, viral fever and buttocks pimple, dysentery etc.)
Make your comments if you get benefited from this article.
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