Thursday, January 22, 2015

How to Get Fair Skin with Help of Food and Nutrients.

Today I tell you my personal tips for fair skin. With the help of these tips you may get fair skin within 21 days. I am frequently use these tips and in age of 40 years my skin is fair and wrinkle-free.
1.Vitamin E also known as α-Tocopherol is a best antioxidant which prevent ageing sign and rejuvenate dead skin cells. So taking a Vitamin E supplement give fair and wrinkle free skin
( In my personal life I use  Capsule Evion 400 mg for this purpose and I am not take this vitamin E supplement per day, I take it  only 2-3 time in a week and my dosage is one 400 mg capsule per day buy you may ask your doctor for your dosage).
Vitamin E also prevent hair loss.
2. Olive oil and Almond Oil is best Skin faring agent for outside use .
So mix olive oil and almond oil in equal quantity and mix a pinch of turmeric in it apply this solution of your skin  one hour before your bath.
3. In your food include
Tomato:- Tomato contain "carotene lycopene" which is the one of the most powerful natural antioxidants. and
some research show that regular intake of tomato give redness in skin due to hyper pigmentation of lycopene.
Anjeer:-  Take one Anjeer per day due to it high contain of Iron and Vitamin B
4. Avoid direct sun exposer for fair skin.
5. Chanting one Argla Stotra per Day for fair skin ( Argla Stotra is part of Durga saptashati download it from internet and chanting once a day or If chanting is not possible for you then  search a you tube vedio of this argla stotra and listen it once a day ).
6. Always wake up 1.5 hour  before sunrise, So locate your local sunrise time which change near 1 minute every day You may look it on your local newspaper at astrology column awaking 1.5 hr before sunrise give you fair skin.
7. Again I repeat is that point 1,3 and 6 are most important part of your fairness program so do not skip these points for getting a fair skin in 21 days.
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